Elseworlds Set Review

Phase three of the Spring/Summer set rush is in full effect and Elseworlds has been officially released. What If… didn’t fair too well overall as a set, so let’s see how Elseworlds did.

Hopefully you all have been heading my other articles on our sister site at Two Clicks From KO as I’m sure at least a handful of you are wondering where the What If… set review is. Spoilers, you can see it over there as I’ve been dancing between which information is posted on which site and how releases and my own schedule are stacking up. For the foreseeable future, I’m going to ping back and forth for each set, meaning Two Clicks From KO will see an Undead set review while you’ll get a Mighty Thor review here on Clix Fix.

Anyway, like I mentioned in the short intro, What If… didn’t really live up to the hype of what that set could have done with the amazing What If story lines. Instead, it delivered another handful of Punishers, Daredevils, and Iron Man’s after Avengers Defenders War gave us some of the best versions of those characters. Frankly, the set wasn’t horrible, but it left an extremely sour taste in a lot of people’s mouths as we were all opening about a dozen of the same character in a two-month span. For a 15th anniversary set, it seemed very poorly put together, and a lot of that is because of how quickly it released behind the Avenger-heavy ADW set.

With Elseworlds, we got pretty much the same formula with five members of the Justice League filling a lot of slots in a small set, but we tend to not notice it as much as the last DC set we got was Joker’s Wild back in November, and we haven’t seen many Justice League pieces since World’s Finest almost two years ago. It made the repetition of characters a little easier to bare and in general made the set look a lot better than What If… Now it’s time to see if that’s really true, and how these pieces actually stack up.

Remember that my reviews are based on constructed, not sealed so please keep that in mind. I’m using the same score system as I do for all my set reviews: No Thanks, Seems Good, and Yes Please! I usually don’t link dials because the sets aren’t fully-added to the units section in the realms, but the crew has been really great as of late. Still, since I have so much to do now that Comic-Con is over, I’m not going to link dials. Let’s just say reviews are going to skip that portion. Let’s jam!


001 Batman – Look what we have here; Shifting Focus is returning, and linking to characters from quite a long time ago! This Batman single handedly breathes life into the forgotten 60 point wonder with his amazing Perplex ability. There’s almost no reason to use the Civil War Yellowjacket now as you pay the same price, get Stealth, and can shift to four other versions to really get your money’s worth. Yes Please!

002 Superman – Shifting Focus Superman was already insanely good, and this version just makes that 90 points better. With fantastic movement and attack values, along with consistent damage, there’s no reason to not add him to your sideline. 11 Movement Quake that ignores pretty much everything on the board is insane. Yes Please!

003 Wonder Woman – The common Diana has a bit of the new clix formula in that she has 5 clicks with pretty decent stats and powers. However, you’re paying 70 points rather than 50. Sure, you get the Mystics team ability, but her traited Force Blast isn’t that big of a deal since the new Super Strength gives her knockback if she wants it. The Force Blast on a miss is a nice touch though. No Thanks.

004 Green Lantern – So I can carry 8 people through any terrain 9 squares out (8 with the new rules), it doesn’t burn an action, and there’s a chance one or two of these characters can become the Chase Captain America? Um… where do I sign up? Yes Please!

005 The Flash – Personally, I see no reason to get this Flash. The JSA version is better for 10 less points and has the JSA team ability to pair amazingly with team players. If you want a Justice League Flash that’s cheap, get him. Otherwise, No Thanks.

006 Templar – Pretty simple on this guy; do you play against a lot of Mystical and Monster pieces? Then he’s amazing. No? Pass on him. It’s that simple. His values aren’t terrific, but he’s only 30 points. I’ll average him at Seems Good.

007 The Bat – By himself, he’s a pretty forgetful 45 point Stealth-Perplex piece. However, if you use the Joker Creature on sideline and can get him to transform, you get a pretty good value for 45 points. Together, Seems Good. By himself, No Thanks.

008 Super Police – Flight, Charge, and Plasticity is a pretty lethal combination, and his 10 attack and 3 damage are pretty average. 40 points is a bit more than I’m willing to pay though. It should be noted that if you like playing Metal Men, he’s a pretty good option. Otherwise, No Thanks.

009 Gunfighter – High Noon is a very good trait, and makes this guy absorb an attack if you manage to land a hit (no damage necessary), and with Ranged Combat Expert, he’s got a decent chance at that happening. He’s not a bad piece for only 25 points, although his usefulness will be decided upon whether he’s taken out before he gets a chance to fire that six-shooter. Seems Good.

010 Super Men – The first click of this guy is pretty good; Sidestep and Flight gives him early utility as a taxi, 18 defense and Toughness make him a good body-blocker, and a 10 attack with double melee Incap is pretty neat. He declines pretty poorly, but at only 35 points, he’s not a bad option. Seems Good.

011 Diana Prince (Justice Rider) – She’s the same cost as Common Wonder Woman, adds Indom, Running Shot, more damage (and less attack), and the High Noon trait. That alone makes her a better option. Combine that with her amazing Leadership that can buff everyone on your team and she becomes a very solid piece. She’s also a pretty good ID call-in. Yes Please!

012 Kid Flash (Justice Rider) – Now we really get to see that High Noon trait shine. 10 Hypersonic with 6 range that isn’t halved when making a ranged attack makes his High Noon better than the rest as you can potentially keep an opponent’s figure from making a ranged attack for 70% of the game with the right positioning. With Energy Shields, he’s almost always going to be at 19 defense too. A solid investment for 60 points. Yes Please!

013 John Jones (Justice Rider) – This is a much better use of Charge and Plasticity than Super Police as John can single out one piece and attack them every single turn thanks to his Always Get My Man trait. His values aren’t staggering and his High Noon trait is borderline useless since you want him in the fight, but he’s a decent option. Seems Good.


014 Batman – This is the 50 point Batman I want. Two clicks of 11 attack, nothing lower than a 10, Outwit on top click, Flurry late in his dial, good improved movement options, and the Batman Ally team ability make him a very effective ‘model’ piece. Add in the fact that you can sacrifice any other character of 25 points or more when he would be KO’d to turn him back to his first click makes him a very solid pick. Yes Please!

015 Superman – While he has incredible values for his point cost, he does take unavoidable damage from KO’ing other pieces. It’s neat to have something that can calculate exactly how much damage he wants to dish out to potentially not trigger certain effects on other characters, but that will be a rare circumstance. However, he’s an awesome ID call-in. Yes Please!

016 Wonder Woman – This is a pretty nice dial for a brawler. Lots if Invicible, solid numbers, Super Strength, Indom, and Flight are all great aspects for her. My only complaint is that she’s 110 points. If she were under 100, even at 95, she would be much more playable. Once you break that 100 point threshold, we tend to expect a lot from pieces, and this piece just doesn’t live up. No Thanks.

017 Green Lantern – Why oh why does his trait say at the beginning of the game rather than starts the game? If it weren’t for this fact, he would be the new big ID piece as we’re lacking Running Shot/Pulse Wave pieces for a low cost. For his overall dial, he has some nice options, and his ‘clock’ of 8 attacks may seem like a shortcoming, but unless you’re playing a non-timed game, you won’t run into that issue. His attack values are a little upsetting. Seems Good.

018 The Flash – Again, this piece is borderline for what it does at that point cost. The JSA Flash is strictly better, as is the common for that matter. However, this Flash is an amazing ID card option as you can make a decent Hyper attack and gain total immunity from a ranged attack for any of your pieces. That alone makes this a fantastic Flash. Yes Please!

019 Oliver Queen, Templar – Just like the common Templar, it boils down to what you play against. Monsters and Mystics? Heck yes. His dial is fantastic with great values. No Monsters or Mystics? Solid pass. With no benefits he’s just not worth that huge point cost. Situational Yes Please/No Thanks.

020 The Joker Creature – As a 75 point starter, he’s not worth it. Low defense values, no improved movement to get him out of his Stealth, and low damage output aside from Blades is just poor. However, as I mentioned with The Bat, he’s a solid piece to turn a 45 point support into. Together, Seems Good. By himself, No Thanks.

021 Bizarro Police – This guy has the potential to be SUPER obnoxious with a defense power that says he will always and forever, no matter what take only 1 damage (unless Nick Fury is on the board). He’s got very good value/power combinations on every click, Flight, and the PD team ability, which means he can always pull his weight. I would honestly Perplex that defense down as much as possible to almost guarantee he survives any hit. Seems Good.

022 Clockwork Man – Absolutely not worth his points. His values are crap, he has no move-and-attack, trips up when he leaves Stealth, and has a very weak attack power that seems decent at first but isn’t worth his shortcomings. No Thanks!

023 Pete Ross – I really don’t know why anyone would want to pay 80 points for 5 clicks, especially when only his first two clicks are decent. Sure, I like the Energy Explosion-Incap he’s got, but once he goes to click 3, he’s utter crap, and his Stop click gives opposing characters Toughness. Why would you ever want to play this piece? No Thanks!

024 Nekhrun, The Bat-God – At 200 points, he’s a little out there with only Sidestep to make attacks. If I’m dropping that many points, I expect some form of move-and-attack. He’s much better at his 100 point line where he gives your other 200 points Stealth, has some pretty decent offense (10 attack, 3 damage with Ranged Combat Expert), and can sacrifice himself to a ranged-heavy team to completely gimp them. I like him, but he’s just a little too expensive for what he does. Seems Good.

025 Jakita Wagner – With the current rules, Jakita is actually pretty good. She’s got great attack values, and can Hyper in 11 sqaures with a heavy object for 5 damage and Perplex either attack or damage up based on her target. With the new rules, she loses a lot of power since she can’t use items in Hypersonic attacks. She’ll still be pretty good with one action token when she gets Charge with that Exploit Weakness, but she’s too inconsistent with the new power rules. No Thanks.


026 Batman – This dial feels very Batman and one could argue that this is borderline the most accurate representation of the character, sans his lack of improved movement. Against the new ‘model’ figures at 50 points, he’s a god with a 13 attack value, but his World Without Superman trait will seem pretty much skip any kind of competitive play. He’s a tad costly, but I really like how accurate this dial is. Seems Good.

027 Superman – With the current rules, this piece is absolutely nuts. The damage he can put out is insane and his reach is incredible. His values are strong, he sees through Stealth with a big 8 range (or 4 in Hypersonic), and has Shape Change, Stealth, and Super Senses until you ‘turn him on’. If you want a beat-stick Superman and don’t want to fork over Chase money, this is your guy. Just make sure you skip his 100 point line. Yes Please!

028 Wonder Woman – It feels like Wonder Woman got kind of gimped on her dials this set as this is yet another dud piece. While her Stop click turns her into a nice melee attacker, her top 3 clicks just aren’t good, even with the World Without Superman trait. You should never be paying a third of your build for an activation click (Unless it’s Mephisto, then go nuts). No Thanks

029 Green Lantern – This is actually a very good dial in disguise. He’s got reach, big movement, can carry your team in the early stages of the game, Perplex, and goes into an INSANE boost piece on his last three clicks. He’s got value on every click of his dial, and that Perplex will heavily mitigate his average values. He’s not dynamite, but he’s much better than the rare Wonder Woman. Seems Good.

030 The Flash – If you’re going to play against low-point figures, or a large support line, this guy is cash money and will make your opponents rage hard. If you’re not, he’s a god-awful use of 110 points. How the heck does he not have Indom at this point cost with this dial? And he’s only 5 clicks long? 9 attack on three of those clicks? Ouch. No Thanks.

031 Green Lantern of Gotham – Free Barrier is always a big deal… always. This Batman can keep a Barrier going for two-thirds of the game, and he’s got a fantastic dial on top of that. While he has no reducers, he’s got a very deadly opening click with Outwit, Running Shot, and Stealth. He’s also got TK so he can help your other pieces get into the fight in the early game while he calculates where his best spot is. The Green Lantern Team Ability is icing on the cake since he has Phasing as well. He could be a great option for the From An Alternate Earth trait as you can sub out a high cost Bats or Green Lantern that’s on their last legs and get a decent sniper/taxi that can wall your team off. Yes Please!

032 Green Lantern of Krypton – His opening dial is very mediocre compared to the previous piece with low values for 125 points. Instead, he’s much stronger on his 100 point line where he has a little sniper use and then transforms into a nasty melee attacker. Still, he’s got nothing on GL of Gotham. Seems Good.

033 The Ray – Wow, this guy has 4 targets. That’s a big deal. With his Precision Strike, he’s a borderline Chase Hawkeye, but with better stats and powers. The Ray has some really great values (I mean, he is KC) and power combinations, and can pump out some fantastic damage throughout his entire dial. He’s a little squishy, but will probably do some work. His Isolated click is just amazing for 25 points as he can completely shut off an opposing characters ability to make attacks, and although he has to have line of fire and they have to be within 8 squares, he makes a strong literal tentpole to position your team around. Yes Please!

034 Green Oracle – Plain and simple, the common Green Lantern is just better in every way. If you need a super taxi for Batman Family, get her. If not, she’s worthless. No Thanks.

035 Dale Suderman – If it weren’t for that 1 damage, he would be amazing. Even so, the fact that he can run around and punch literally anyone for 1 damage is pretty fantastic. Once he hits that Stop click, things are going to get pretty rough. Still, this dial just doesn’t do anything for me since you’re dropping 1/3 of your team on a fairly lackluster opening. No Thanks.

036 The Drummer – 40 points to counter out the first use of Outwit, Perplex, or Probability Control within 10 squares and line of fire is a big deal. When you tack on the use of Outwit or Perplex with that 10 range as well, you get a very strong support piece. He’s a little squishy and 40 points is a little heavy for pure support, but he could be a huge deal. Yes Please!


037 The Flying Batman – I don’t see how this isn’t a good dial. He’s a big Hypersonic harassment piece that sees through Stealth, hides in Stealth himself, and has a great power setup. Unfortunately, if you manage to knock him down to his 100 point line, he does suffer quite a bit. As long as you can keep him healthy, he’s a very big threat. Yes Please!

038 Colonel Wayne – How in the heck is this piece only 75 points? 7 clicks of health, very good attack values, consistent damage, Stealth, and the incredibly High Noon trait make him incredibly good. Oh, and he has a special power that gives him Improved movement for hindering and characters along with Running Shot. If you can get on a map with lots of hindering, this guy can just continually move up taking pot shots and basically denying ranged attacks from your opponents’ heavy hitter. If you get him mid-dial, he calls in an insane pog with Hypersonic, Blades, Combat Reflexes, and Exploit. I’ll run him all day long. Yes Please!

039 Sergeant Kent – I guess High Noon is here for theme because there’s simply no way he’s going to use it. 4 range and Charge doesn’t exactly scream “shoot people with me!”. His dial is decent and he’s incredibly tanky, but 5 clicks for 100 points without Indom is a concern. He does a fantastic trait though that makes him an impassable wall for ranged attacks, so he could see some play as an ID call-in. No Thanks on his own, Seems Good as an ID option.

040 Al Jhor Dan – I’m going to make this short and sweet; he has pick-a-power for only 90 points. We’ve all seen what pick-a-power can do. Indom and his super Perplex is icing on the cake. Get him. Don’t look back. Yes Please!

041 Sinestro – Sure, I’ll take an 11 attack 4 damage Running Shot/Pulsewave piece, why not? Sinestro has a very mean dial with only a few small hiccups at the end of his click. If you’re playing against Batman Family, your opponent is going to have an abysmal time trying to deal with him. Otherwise, he’s decent. His lower start is pretty worthless though. Seems Good.

042 Green Lantern – I wrote a whole article about her last week on Two Clicks From KO, so I’ll make this another short review. She’s incredible. 45 points to resurrect fallen allies on any click number they were on during the game is incredible and I can almost guarantee she’ll earn her points back and then some. Yes Please!

043 Leatherwing – Excuse my bias here as I am thoroughly excited with more Pirate shenanigans. He’s got a great dial with fantastic numbers and power combinations, Indom, and is a super taxi for Pirates. He also gets a free Robin bystander with Stealth, Blades, Toughness, and Perplex, meaning that his already good values automatically get stronger. While he doesn’t have Running Shot, he has a pseudo version that let’s him make free attacks when he moves half his speed value or less with Leap Climb and Sidestep. His late dial is a very strong melee option as he can jump into the fight and automatically shield himself from range if he hits. I love this piece, but his lower defense values do keep him from any competitive play. Seems Good.

044 Diana Prince – 5 clicks fro 45 points, Stealth, and the shutdown of Outwit and Perplex within 4 squares make this a fantastic piece already and worth your time. Tack on Close Combat Expert and Support and she’s a very lethal piece for such a low cost. His last two clicks make her a very deadly piece if she gets swarmed as she can dish out a ton of damage. The fact that her attack value never goes below a 10 is huge. Yes Please!

045 King Aquaman – My issue with King Aquaman is that almost all the KC pieces we’ve seen just do whatever he does better, mainly in the form of Wonder Woman. While it’s true that he has Exploit Weakness with some solid values, he ages fairly poorly as he defense powers are somewhat lackluster and he’s easily defeated by penetrating damage. His Isolated click is a bit stronger as he can actively change the landscape thoughout the game and effect small positioning changes, which could be very useful. Because of that, he gets a Seems Good.

046 Elijah Snow – This piece is pure insanity and will probably be the biggest main-board piece out of the set. While is 120 point line is a little hefty in what it provides, his 70 point line is incredible. Not only do you get an 8 range Running Shot/Pulse Wave piece, you get two different ways to completely shift how your opponent plays the game. He has the power to impose Danny the Street on any character who doesn’t fly, and since Outwit is so cheap these days, you can easily lock a Jakeem or Goblin King by taking away their wings. His other trait, Chill In Your Bones, is basically a limited version of Felix Faust, except you have more control over when things can and can’t happen. There is simply no reason he won’t see competitive play. Yes Please!


047 Batman – Okay, I lied, this is pretty much the perfect Batman dial. Fantastic values, Outwit for most of his dial, Indom, and improved movement all add up to give you a very strong representation of the character. With his ability to blink into Stealth, every part of this dial feels like you’re playing Bruce. The only issues here is that he has Charge, so he wants to get into the fight where he might get overwhelmed. Still, this is a pretty solid dial, and it’s pretty deep for 100 points. Yes Please!

048 Robin – Carrie’s dial is pretty mediocre for 45 points. Support with a 9 attack is pretty weak, her attack value is always very low, and she has a situational Perplex that really doesn’t make sense. The only real reason Robin is worth playing is for the vehicles she can make. While the Bat-Wing is honestly a worse version of Overdrive’s Charged Up vehicle, the Batcycle is the real reason she’s good as this gives any character Running Shot. Nightlantern and some expensive vehicles are the only things in the game that can give a character Running Shot in Modern, so this is actually pretty huge. While her own dial might not be that exciting, her vehicle is actually kind of a big deal. Seems Good.

049 Green Arrow – I mentioned with Elijah that he’ll be the biggest main-board piece, and that’s because no figure in the set will have a bigger impact than Green Arrow. ID cards are going through another shift in ranking as there is only one other piece that’s stronger than Green Arrow to call-in, and that’s Nick Fury. 12 attack, 8 range, 3 damage with Ranged Combat Expert, and the ability to shoot through anything other than walls is a formula for big hurt, but the real reason he’s such a big deal is his special attack power that flat out counters out any defense power showing on the targets dial, but it’s a can’t use effect so it gets around something that’s tied to a Stop click. Not only does he punch holes in virtually every big piece in the game, he also can’t be shot at from more than 3 squares away, meaning he comes in for a turn, blows their tentpole up, and then sits there and laughs as they try and crawl towards him. You will see Green Arrow and you will see a shift in ID cards. Is he better than Nick? No, but marginally. Is he better than Cosmic Spider-Man? Maybe. It depends on the map. Yes Please!

050 Superman – Okay, so you want a piece that’s going to blow up literally anything it comes across. You want a piece that isn’t nerfed with the new rules. You want a piece that your opponents literally weep when they see him across the board. You need this Superman. But 230 points, he’s too expens- NONSENSE. 9 clicks, huge damage, TWO clicks of 13 attack on his dial, doesn’t drop to a 10 until click seven, Indom, Stealth-busting, Flight; the list goes on and on. Okay, how about we tack on a trait that can either make him KC for a turn or remove action tokens from him? Okay, how about we also give him STEALTH and a full-movement charge? How about we give him a freaking healing ability at the end of his dial that can get him back to a 13 attack? This guy is insane and he’s going to be a terror. Is he competitive? Probably not as he’s too expensive, but he will absolutely destroy LGS games. Yes Please!

So ends yet another loooong set review. This was supposed to be small since it was a smaller set, but I guess I got a little carried away. I’m sure you’re not upset!

As usual, please keep in mind that these are my personal views on the pieces in the set and certainly shouldn’t be judged as the end-all, be-all review of the pieces. Some of you might think I was completely off and some might think I was right on the money. These are just my opinions.

I’m looking forward to the release event at my LGS this week and I’m busy prepping for ROC states. If any of you are heading to DJ’s Collectibles in California, be sure to come say hi! I would love to meet you! See you next week!


8 thoughts on “Elseworlds Set Review

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  1. Hello, thanks for the good review. I’m quite sad to see none of the Wonder Woman seems to be very good version (at least there’s good Diana Prince). What do you think of the ones in the FF? Should we pass either? And what about the skyscraper? The hypersonic slot seems to be interesting. Where will it position in the panthéon of colossal retaliators?

    I feel like you overall liked this set am I right?


    1. Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, none of the Wonder Woman pieces really seemed that great or interesting. They all had something that made other figures inherently better for the points within the same set.

      The Fast Forces isn’t that great as in my personal opinion none of the dials are worth keeping. It’s more of a starter set without any rambunctious pieces that we’re used to in Fast Forces sets.

      Skycraper Wonder Woman is an AMAZING retaliator and will for sure see some play. I can’t comment on her regular dial as I mostly look at the retaliators strictly for their last click. I think she’s easily top 3.

      While I may be a Marvel fan at heart, the design for this set was by far and away better than What If. It was a pretty decent micro set.


  2. very thankful.
    In my country Chile is played heroclix, but being a high cost game and being in English is small the community, even so we have nationals and your blog is a contribution for the small communities of the end of the world to cpnversar and create our list Of correct figures to add to the team.

    excellent job.


    1. Wow, I’m blown away by this. Thank you so much for the kind words! I’m glad that I can help you all determine which figures to get. I think there’s a website that translates my blog into Spanish. I don’t know if that helps at all, but I’m pretty sure it’s out there.


  3. Heya! New to the game and just wanted to say your blog has been a great resource already. Just curious where the What If… review is? I try searching for it but nothing comes up. Thanks again!


  4. I precisely wanted to appreciate you all over again. I do not know the things I would have sorted out in the absence of the entire suggestions shown by you concerning my problem. It was a difficult issue in my position, nevertheless witnessing a new expert mode you dealt with that took me to weep over gladness. I am happier for the help and as well , pray you realize what a powerful job you were putting in training the rest through your site. Most probably you haven’t met all of us.


    1. Hi there! You’re very welcome, although I’m not going to lie, I’m a little confused by your comment. Are you just talking about the information regarding the game that you’re gaining from the blog? Either way, I’m glad you’re gaining knowledge and it’s helping you out 🙂


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