Announcement: Exciting Changes on Clix Fix!

Good morning everyone. I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about something incredible that’s in the works for Clix Fix and how this will effect the blog.

Before you jump to conclusions, no; Clix Fix is not shutting down. Bear with me and read on to understand what’s going on.

I’m sure most of you are aware that I’ve been on a couple episodes of Two Clicks From KO, a bi-weekly podcast blurring the lines between casual and competitive play. I’ve often thought that Clix Fix was very similar in that I try and build teams that are a touch competitive but mostly tuned for LGS play as that’s what I think a lot of people do. Sure, there are those that are looking to break into competitive and become a known player (I’m trying to accomplish this myself), but I think we’re in the vast minority while a lot of you are in areas that don’t have ROC events or WKO, and you either play at your LGS regularly or are hanging with friends for your games.

Anyways, I’ve always thought this blog synced up very well with what Aaron usually talks about on his podcast. Perhaps me tuning in every week once I found the show drove me to write what I do. I don’t know the answer to that, but I suspect it had something to do with it, as did my old writing about Marvel characters and why I enjoyed them so much.

I’m going to cut to the chase so I can discuss how this change impacts you, the reader for whom I do this for. Starting this month, I will be creating and running the Two Clicks From KO blog! What does this mean for Clix Fix? Is this like Apex Insider articles I write? Why the change? I’ll answer these one at a time.

What does this mean for Clix Fix?

Nothing! Clix Fix will still be a functioning blog and after discussing what we both want out of this team-up (get it? Because it’s comics), this blog will still continue and thrive. The only change is that you won’t see two articles a week anymore. Instead, I’ll be dropping to one so that I can write my weekly article for Two Clicks From KO. You’ll still get brand new content here, just not quite as often. Let’s face it, it’s pretty tough for one person to write 2-3 articles every week with a full work load and tons of other projects happening, so I had to make a sacrifice, and that was the frequency in which I post.

Is this like Apex Insider articles I write?

Not really. Aaron has expressed that he wants these articles to be pretty much what I’m doing here, so you’ll see something almost identical to the style and formatting that I post in now, you’ll just have two different sites you frequent rather than one. The only difference is that because we’re starting from scratch with Two Clicks From KO, there will 100% be some repeat themes or articles (not word for word). Subjects like The Sinister Syndicate might pop up again, which I think is nice because I can revisit old articles and improve on the builds. Also, as of right now, I don’t believe there will be a pay-wall that you have to go through with ours. I’m not 100% on that as we haven’t covered those details, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Why the change?

It’s simple really. I started Clix Fix about 9 months ago as something to do at work in my downtime and as a way for me to just be a little creative. After gaining recognition and growing the blog, I’ve become a little attached, but it’s nothing like being offered a “position” (this is still a for-fun free gig) with a very recognizable brand. I feel that I can reach even more players with my writing and team building, so it makes sense to me. Also, because I’ll be keeping Clix Fix, it will in turn bring in more viewers to this site growing my brand as well. Frankly, it’s a win-win scenario as Aaron gets another medium to reach his audience and I get more traffic for my own site.

I hope you guys understand just why I want to make this change. It’s an exciting prospect and I’m really looking forward to it. More than anything though, I’m glad we came to a medium and that I’ll still be posting here every week, so you aren’t losing anything. I’ll also share links from the articles I write for Two Clicks From KO on all the normal sites I do now like Reddit, HCRealms, and Twitter.

Are you excited for this change? Have you listened to Two Clicks From KO before? (you should, it’s very good). Let me know your thoughts below in the comments section! Take care and I’ll see you Thursday with another regular article, as I know you’re probably clamoring for one after the hiatus from last week!



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