I’m Here to Spread Joy and Rainbows: Building a Modern Deadpool Ultra Chase Team

C’mon, you didn’t really think I was going to end Deadpool Chase Month without talking about the best figure in the set, did ya? Of course not! It’s high time we talk about that gorgeous Ultra Chase riding on that sweet unicorn. Roll Initiative, nerds!

Surprise, we’re not quite done yet! That’s right, we’ve got just one more team build to get through during Deadpool Chase Month here on Clix Fix, and that’s for my main man Ultra Chase Deadpool. This guy made quite the splash and it’s easy to see why. Plagued by absolutely horrible distribution making him incredibly scarce in some areas (mine included) and his crazy-good dial and powers makes this piece just shy of competitive while being an absolute monster in any other game you play him in.

Deadpool comes with so many great features that it’s somewhat surprising that he hasn’t seen more play in competitive. Then again, with a price tag of 140 points, that puts him in the exact same spot of Jakeem Thunder, and 9/10 people are going to pick the Super Rare Prime to bring them the win. Still, this piece is incredibly solid, and if mr. genie boy wasn’t around, I have a feeling he would be a go-to in competitive play. Since he’s not technically a chase, he doesn’t get to use the neat Comic Panels like the 8 regular chases which does lower him a peg, but also keeps his price to a… oh wait… he’s still like $200. Okay, nevermind.

Let’s feed this Unicorn and see if any Epic guns come out! (yeah, that’s a Borderlands reference.)

Deadpool on a UnicornAs I just mentioned, Deadpool gallops in at 140 points of pure awesomeness. He’s got 7 clicks which is a bit shallow, is Indomitable (he freaking better be), has 6 range with a single target, and the Mystics team ability – yes, really the Mystics team ability. His keywords are pretty good for how few he has with just Animal, Deadpool Corps, and Mystical. Obviously Mystical is a big one and can lead to some great team building. He has Improved Movement that lets him ignore hindering terrain because, ya’know, he’s on a freaking Unicorn. He’s also got Improved Targeting that ignores hindering as well, so there’s no hiding from this dude and his rockin’ enchanted horse. He’s got two traits and a Special Defense Power. Let’s take a look at this dial first though.

He’s obviously pretty fast on that Unicorn with an 11 Charge on top, dropping to a 10 on click three, and changing to 9 Force Blast on click five, before finalizing on a flat 9 on his last click. His attack is brutal with 12 Penetrating/Psychic Blast for two freaking clicks, dropping all powers on click three throughout the dial, and going to 11 on click three, 10 on click five, and a 9 on click seven. Defense stays incredibly strong with an 18 and his Special Power for three clicks, dropping to 17 Impervious on click four, and finishing out on 16 Regeneration. His damage is very steady with 4 Exploit Weakness for clicks one through three, dropping to a 3 on clicks four, and moving to 3 Support for the rest of his dial. It’s an incredibly strong dial and shows no signs of stopping until his last couple clicks, which shouldn’t be a problem with all his damage reducers (we’ll get there).

Let’s see his traits so we can finish looking at his dial. These are both new, so no skipping stuff!

THAT HORN JUST AIN’T FOR SHOW: At the beginning of your turn, if Deadpool has no action tokens, he can make a close attack using Blades/Claws/Fangs.

Wow, that seems pretty damn good. If you happen to base Deadpool (or find a way to move him without giving him action tokens like carrying), he gets to use Blades as a free action. Notice that the power references that this happens at the beginning of the turn which means that the Blades has to resolve during the beginning of the turn, so it can’t be a tokenable action. Unlike using ID cards, this doesn’t say he gets an action token, so it’s totally free, baby! Just keep in mind that this will activate the Damage Depletion Modifer, but it seems totally worth it if you’re getting an absolutely free attack. Also, because this is at the beginning of the turn, with the new rules coming in, you won’t get the change to move him around before this triggers, so have fun with this while you can!

It’s a great trait as anything that grants free damage is a big deal. It’s a lot harder to trigger than say the Shredder Elite, but it’s still very strong, and can potentially deal 6 for doing literally nothing. Next one!

I’M HERE TO SPREAD JOY AND RAINBOWS: I’m Here To Spread Joy And Rainbows: When Deadpool hits an opposing character, after actions resolve, you can place the Rainbow Joy Marker on that character, removing it from anywhere else. A character with a Rainbow Joy Marker cannot attack Deadpool unless it is the only character on its force. At the beginning of its player’s turn, a character with a Rainbow Joy Marker can roll a d6: on a result of 5 or 6, they may remove the Rainbow Joy Marker.

So you’re telling me that if Deadpool gets to my opponent and lands a hit, he can just completely neutralize them from attacking him unless they’re the only character on their force? Seriously?! Sure, Pulse Wave will still get around this, but if you don’t have that in your kit, sorry bud! Unfortunately, literally every time I’ve used this power, my opponent has rolled a 5 or 6 on their next turn so I haven’t gotten to experience this, but with the current rules, this roll can be targeted by Probability Control, and even with the new rules coming in, Mr. Mxyzptlk will still be able to mess with this. Regardless of the odds, the potential to completely lock the opposing tentpole or counter to Deadpool from attacking him is huge and makes him a much bigger threat than he seems.

Last up is his Special Defense Power, which we see on clicks one through three.

YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING SO AWESOME: Deadpool can use Impervious. Once per game, when Deadpool would take damage, you may choose that he takes no damage instead.

Impervious. Okay, cool. So we get a total of six clicks of Impervious. Great! Wait, there’s more? Wait, WHAT?! Deadpool can just totally ignore one source of damage? Good god, this guy just gets better and better. 300 point dude with Hypersonic and Super Strength hitting for 8 clicks? Hulk smashing for 9? Lemme roll this Impervious. Oh, I got a 3? Huh. Nah, I’m good. You have fun. Yep, Deadpool can just say “STOP, IN THE NAME OF LOVE!” and completely shut off an attack. With the combination of this and his Rainbow Joy Marker, it’s really tough to get through this guy’s dial. My only gripe with this power is that a single use of Outwit will completely neutralize this making him a little dangerous as a single well-placed hit with no reducers can take him into pony hurt-hurt land. That’s a teeny-tiny gripe though as this rounds out an insanely strong dial.

Six freaking clicks of Impervious. SIX.

Just like his regular Chase brothers, we owe it to Wade to do the Positives VS. Negatives of this piece. Is he worth those double Benjamin’s?

Positives: Fantastic values across his entire dial. Very mobile. Penetrating damage no matter how he hits. Mystics makes him a dangerous target. Clix FX base completely neuters opposing characters. Free Blades. Indomitable. Very strong defense. Can ignore one source of damage. Standard size makes him easy to move around. Great keywords in Mystical and Animal. Sculpt (seriously, this thing is gorgeous).

Negatives: Outwit completely stops him. 7 clicks if a little shallow for his points. Lack of attack powers after Pen/Psy. Elevated can screw him. Price tag (if sculpt is a positive, price can be a negative).

Like Golden Age Deadpool, I feel like it was tough to come up with negatives for Deadpool. Once I listed Outwit as a major counter, there wasn’t much else to go on.

Something I would like to cover briefly that a lot of people seem to have a problem with, and that’s the fact that he has Pen/Psy with a clearly melee-focused dial. Think about this though; with 6 range and Pen/Psy along with Exploit, this means that Deadpool is going to deal penetrating damage regardless of how he hits. This gives you more versatility on your already expensive piece. The only other powers that he could have in attack that would be better would be Precision Strike, which might make him too powerful, or Blades, which isn’t a big deal because he can use it for free and already has 4 damage with Exploit. Okay, there’s probably more he could have, but Pen/Psy is a lot better than it seems on him.

Image result for deadpool unicorn

Alright, so what does my beautiful Ultra Chase need to be successful? Seeing as he’s standard size, helping him move around is going to be a big deal and will help to trigger that free Blades attack, allowing him to deal up to 9 damage in a single turn. A Taxi with Sidestep will help here, or someone with free TK (we don’t have one of those, do we?) work well here. Giving him Sidestep would also be super helpful. Regular TK and taxi’s will work too; we don’t have to build around that free Blades attack. Aside from helping him get around and out of danger, we could really use a piece to help him keep his defense power, so Outwit will be strong to counter theirs before they can get to us. Map choice can be a big deal for Deadpool since he can’t get around elevated terrain, and hindering will still provide him with a +1 defense against range while others can’t hide from him, so a theme team could be a huge benefit for him. Until the rules change, Prob can be a big deal for him so you can keep that Joy Marker on folks. One thing we don’t need is possession. Deadpool is already 140 points and with 6 clicks of Impervious, we don’t really need to drop another 25 points on him (I’ll still look into it though).

I also recommend some strong secondary units to either take the focus off of Deadpool or have your opponents forget about them and see just how much damage those guys can deal. With a piece like Deadpool and how glorious his sculpt and presence is, there’s a decent chance that your opponent will forget about your other guys.

We’ve run it throughout the series and drifted away when I needed to, but let’s stick with 300 Modern Limited for Deadpool, at least for the first build. The second build, we’ll go ham with 300 Modern.

Note: I will not be including Felix Faust LE on either of these builds. That piece is unfair in my personal opinion should never have been made. Sorry, but personal rules, guys.

300 Point Modern Limited Deadpool Ultra Chase Build

Yes, there are three chases on this team. Sorry about that, but with my Ultra Chase, I’m going balls-to-the-walls.

Mystical is absolutely the stronger keyword on Deadpool (although take a look at Animal with all the great new pieces in Deadpool & X-Force), so I went that route and built a theme team around him.

My first selection was Green Lantern for two main reasons. First, he can Carry Deadpool around and at only 35 points, you’re not breaking the bank to do it. Second, while using your own Outwit might not be the best move to make in a game and might be risky, Green Lantern can use his Light Wall marker to completely block lines of fire to Deadpool. Now he can’t be countered and his defense power will stick around. This will also let you position the wall for maximum effect against Pulse Wave, potentially forcing a multi-target rather than just single-hitting Deadpool for tons of damage. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; there’s simply no better piece under 40 points right now, and if you’re going Mystical, he goes on the team. Period.

I had a tough decision to make between Klarion and Spider-Man Noir. I’ve been using Klarion a lot, and I didn’t want the build to feel too cookie-cutter, so I went with Noir (I also finally just secured one for myself, so that helps persuade me). Spider-Man Noir serves as a multi-use piece on our team. With Stealth, Sidestep, and Leap/Climb, he can get wherever he needs to Outwit the opposing characters defenses or counter their own Outwit to keep Deadpool safe. He can use his own Smoke Cloud to drop opponent’s attack values by 1 on their turn, and has some pretty great defense throughout his dial with 18 Super Senses up top, and has Stealth on every click. His web markers will also help to tie pieces down, giving us two characters than can stop opponents from doing things. My favorite thing with him is that he’s a wild card, so he can either take Mystics and make it annoying to deal with him, or JSA and sit next to Green Lantern so that he gets the benefit of GL’s trait, or they just share the 18 for whomever is wounded.

For the last character on the force with only 50 points left, I looked at the KC pieces, mainly the two support pieces of Green Lantern and Spectre. I ended up with Spectre because the Probability Control seems stronger on this team than a single use of Perplex. Able to prob out the Rainbow roll, Deadpool’s free Blades roll, or anything else you need, Spectre seems like he’s a much better support piece for the team.

I opted for the Symbiote to give to either Deadpool or Spider-Man Noir, based on whichever you prefer when your opponent shows their force. If Noir is going to be doing the heavy lifting and infiltrating, you might want the Shape Change on him. If Deadpool is going to do the job like he should, then he should get it. The Pym Particles makes it so that Green Lantern can carry both our attackers, and a necessary tool with such a small force.

Lastly, you might notice that solemn Animal ATA on Deadpool. While this won’t be legal come the new rules, for now it is. All this ATA is doing is giving Deadpool the option to potentially ignore Shape Change on each of his turns (and Stealth, but he already does that), which is actually very strong, especially for 4 points. With just 7 points open on the build, ATA’s are a great place to look. If you don’t like this option, give Noir the Spider-Family ATA so that he can copy opponent’s team abilities. Although I don’t know what you’d want more than Mystics.

This build seems like it can be very strong. If you want to go the full nine yards, drop Noir and add Klarion for more dice control and a source of Perplex, although you do lose out on Outwit. Still, this could be worthwhile based on your play style, and certainly gives you more aggression.

Next up, let’s take a look at how we do Modern with Deadpool.

300 Point Modern Deadpool Ultra Chase Build

We’re going full-on crazy with Deadpool and trying out a team with Resources included!

Overdrive seems like the best taxi for Deadpool because the Charged Up Bystander has Sidestep, meaning he can help Deadpool get to someone when he has no tokens for his free attack. It’s also a vehicle meaning it can carry standard characters regardless of their speed values, automatically breaks away, and ignores hindering terrain, making it a very strong option in getting our team to and fro danger. He’s also very resilient as you can’t KO him in one hit. Oh, you’ve got to know this by now. I use him a lot.

Wiz Kid was my second pick because he takes Deadpool’s already killer values and just makes them better in every way. How about 7 range, 13 attack, and 5 damage, all penetrating? Yeah, that seems great to me. This is why Overdrive is so perfect for this team build and Wiz Kid is a great candidate to keep Deadpool incredibly strong through the entire game.

I figured the best option would be to combine everything together to make my only other attacker work perfectly with everyone else, and although I use Doc Oc, Overdrive, and Wiz Kid a lot, these three are very strong together. Now we have someone who can counter out opposing Outwit to keep Deadpool from going down in a turn and can completely demolish someone in a single turn. With this setup, if Deadpool has no tokens, we can get six attacks off in a single turn, 1 free Blades from Deadpool, 1 regular attack from Deadpool, and 4 attacks from Doc Oc. Let’s say we roll a 4 on Blades for Deadpool. With Wiz Kid next to him and Doc Oc, that’s 20 damage in a single turn (4 from blades, 4 from a regular attack thanks to the +1 of Wiz Kid neutralizing the DDM, and three separate attacks for 3 from Doc Oc). That seems pretty strong to me.

With my remaining 20 points, I went with Pandora’s Box. I was going to go with the Round Table since Deadpool is 140 points, but we’d only be able to afford 3 ID cards, and that seems like a waste. Instead, the box will grant Deadpool Sidestep which means he now has a 4 square reach on that free Blades attack. I would recommend Sloth on Deadpool raising his defense to an always 19 and allowing him the option of healing up if he gets hit; after all, when he has two tokens, there’s nothing he can do. Lust should go on Doc Oc obviously to protect him in melee, but also to tie-up opponents so they can’t get to Deadpool to either Outwit him or hit him at all. As for which path to pick, I would go with Path of the Hunter so that Deadpool can get Running Shot for his Pen/Psy, or he and Oc can get Probability Control. No contest here.

Will this team win a WizKids Open? Probably not, but it looks fun and can probably do a crap load of damage and take a win at any LGS. I’ve been trying to stay away from resources as we only really have one event series left this season before rotation happens and a lot of these things disappear, but I figured it would be fun to bend the rules for Deadpool.

How did you like these builds? Were you expecting the pieces I picked for Deadpool to hang out with? Hell, did you expect this article at all? Sound off below in the comments and let’s end this article series once and for all!

Okay, for reals, this is the end of the Deadpool Chase Series on Clix Fix. I hope you guys enjoyed it as I know I did. It was something different and I’m glad I decided to roll with it. See you all on Tuesday as we dive into Avengers / Defenders War!


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