Fifty Against One, Not Bad: Building A Modern Pulp Deadpool Team

The Deadpool Chase Series is in it’s home stretch here on Clix Fix! Today I’m talking about the most mature of the chases in that he comes straight from a Marvel MAX title. He’s probably the most dangerous one of the bunch; it’s Pulp Deadpool!

I’m sure by now you all know that we’re nearing the completion to Deadpool Chase Month here, but in case you didn’t know, you can find the previous 6 team builds on the blog page. But enough on these intros, let’s get down to business.

Pulp Deadpool, herein known as Pulppool, is an incredibly efficient attacker with beefy stats, great keywords, and all-around fantastic values. He might be a little expensive, but he’s nothing compared to the last guy we talked about, Mr. Space Case at 275 points.

Image result for pulp deadpoolComing in at 100 points on the nose, Pulppool has 7 range with two targets, he’s Indomitable, and has only 6 clicks of health. He’s got no improvements for movement or targeting, and no team ability. As I mentioned, his keywords rock with Assassin, Deadpool Corps, Past, Soldier, and Weapon X. Of those, Past and Soldier are particularly strong, so he should be relatively easy to theme around. He’s got a single trait and one Special Movement Power.

His dial is probably the most efficient of the chases. Movement starts out high with a 10 with his Special Power, drops to a 9 on click two, an 8 on click three, and finalizes with 7 Flurry on his last two clicks. He starts out with a phenomenal 12 attack with Precision Strike, which drops to an 11 on click two, a 10 on click four, swaps over to Blades on click five, and drops to a final 9 on click six. His defense is a little stale with 18 Super Senses up top, which drops to a 17 on clicks three and four, and raises back up to an 18 on five and six. Damage is strong with 3 Ranged Combat Expert for two clicks, 3 Close Combat Expert for two clicks, and a naked 2 for his last two clicks. It’s a healthy dial and as long as the opposition isn’t packing Precision Strike, he should do really well.

Now then, his trait. Yeah, I’m sure you guessed it at this point.

DO YOU SEE THE COMIC PANELS TELLING ME WHAT TO DO?: At the beginning of your turn, if Pulp Deadpool has no action tokens, you may attach a comic panel to him, removing an already attached one. He can use the listed effect.

Pulppool is absolutely a killing machine and already packs Precision Strike, so we’re probably only going to need access to Combat Reflexes, ES/D, and Stealth. 20 defense on 100 points is pretty fantastic, and Stealth will help him on his approach much like the other chases.

So far, so good. He’s looking like a decent piece. His Special Movement Power puts him over the top and makes him borderline the best chase in the set.

FIFTY AGAINST ONE, NOT BAD: Pulp Deadpool can use Charge, Plasticity and Running Shot.

Charge, Running Shot, and Plasticity? Holy cow, this guy is going to hurt you and there’s nothing you can do about it. Melee team keeping you locked down? Slap on Combat Reflexes and just Running Shot all over town. Ranged team looking to poke you full of holes? Slap on ES/D or Stealth and Charge in, locking them in place. Hypersonic? Yeah, no thanks. I think I’ll just ignore you. The amount of utility this brings is just crazy, and I love that a Special power with just 9 words can be so devastating. To be fair, it’s his incredible values and powers that make him so good, but this allows him to adapt to any team he fights against.

Pulppool has so many ways to put out a lot of damage. While he can’t use Ranged Combat Expert with Running Shot, or Close Combat Expert with Charge, he is Indomitable, so he can easily move into place and setup for the following turn.

Let’s break this dude down and see what we’re working with in that easy-to-read Positive VS. Negative analysis.

Positives: Very high attack and movement for his points. Keeps strong values throughout. Indom is rare these days. Charge and Running Shot. Plasticity completely nerfs Hypersonic and gives him lock down. Big damage potential. Great keywords. Comic Panels raise an already good defense value.

Negatives: Only Super Senses to keep him alive. 6 clicks for 100 points is a bit costly and can easily be one-shot. First attack will be small without help.

This is another example of how great these chases really are in that there isn’t much dragging him down. Sure, 100 points is a lot to pay for 6 clicks of life, but look what you’re getting up front. He’s very easy to pair up for a theme team and can put out so much damage on every click. He really doesn’t need Prob backing him since he’s got such fantastic values. As long as he can survive the trip to the battle, he’ll pull his weight ten times over.

Image result for pulp deadpool

So what does this deadly bastard need to make the most of his dial? For the first time in a while, a possessor seems to be the best thing for this piece. The main problem here is the lack of defensive support, so being able to grant strong powers is too good to pass on for just 25 points. He could use some TK to get into the fight quicker, but a taxi could work as well – it just depends on the build. Perplex might be nice to raise his initial damage on the first strike from the Charge or Running Shot. Lastly, if you have any way to give him Sidestep, that seems like an incredible asset to him.

Regarding team members, Pulppool could either use someone to snipe while he charges in and does work, or a buddy to dive in with him or before him and keep his targets locked down. Map choice could be incredibly important for Pulppool, so I would recommend trying to stick with a theme team as much as possible.

The builds for Pulppool are going to be a mix of 300 Limited and 300 Modern with no resources. If you’re looking to pair him up with a resource, Pandora’s Box seems like the go-to to offset whichever Comic Panel you give him so that he gets both Combat Reflexes and ES/D for a year-round 20 defense.

300 Point Modern Pulp Deadpool Limited Team

I love teams that are low in points and have a crap-load of pieces, and this team is no exception. For Limited, we can’t get a Possessor onto the force, but we can give Pulppool the next best thing which is the Symbiote. While this won’t give us reducers, it does give another way to roll out of damage with Shape Change. The Hulkbuster might be a little more ideal, but it’s also nice that we can potentially get a +1 to combat values.

Sidestep is a big deal for Pulppool as it will allow him to use his Ranged Combat/Close Combat Expert powers more often rather than every other time he takes an action. Michelangelo from the third Turtles set does a great job of providing this via his trait:

WE’RE NINJAS, BRAH!: Michelangelo can use Smoke Cloud as a free action. When he does, friendly characters occupying these hindering markers this turn can use Sidestep.

This gives Pulppool Sidestep up to 4 squares out, and also helps to lower attack values by -1 which is really good since we’re counting on Pulppool’s high defense value once he has the right Comic Panel to keep him alive and kicking. This also gives us a way to use that Stealth Comic Panel wherever the hell we want. Mikey isn’t a bad attacker either and serves the roll as secondary damage dealer on the team. If he’s next to walls or higher elevation, he’s got an 11 attack with 11 Running Shot, 5 range, and 3 damage with Probability Control. He serves every role we need.

Say, wouldn’t more free Smoke Cloud be awesome? We can do that! With Storm on the team, now we have a taxi for Pulppool, Perplexer to raise his values, and more free smoke to make hitting your team a living hell. If the opposition doesn’t have improved movement or targeting, it’s going to be really hard getting to your guys. Storm was pretty much the first thing I thought of for Pulppool since that Stealth Panel will be really strong on him. Once again, another piece with too many good options rolled into one figure.

I wanted to add some Outwit onto the team, so I opted for Accountable to round out some of our numbers, which I think is fantastic. Accountable looks like your average low-cost Outwit piece, but if his target is in hindering terrain, he gets 10 range and doesn’t require line of fire, meaning he can turn of Stealth so that Pulppool can shoot, or he can take out a reducer on a Stealthy guy so Pulppool can go ham in melee. I mean, it’s not like we’re making free hindering terrain are we? Oh wait…

For the final 35 points, I went with HENRY and Night Nurse. Night Nurse seems like a no brainer; we have a way to give her free movement so she doesn’t eat actions and with Stealth on top-dial, she’s always going to be hidden. HENRY seems like the ultimate piece to run around with Pulppool. With both Enhancement and Empower, he’s just always going to buff our damage value up to a 4 (which can be further Perplexed with Storm to a 5). He’s also going to make Mikey hit for more damage too making him a better secondary attacker.

There’s so much number modifying in this team and free moving that it can get a little ridiculous, and I really enjoy it. Although the team isn’t themed, it should do a pretty decent job of mopping up your foe. Swinging for 12 attack with Pulppool and 11 attack with Mikey, both with at least 4 damage and probably a lot more, and a 10-range Outwit that doesn’t require line of fire can be brutal. If you want a piece that can double up as a third attacker, drop Accountable and Night Nurse for Ace the Bathound. He can do as much if not more for the team.

Next up, let’s look at the 300 point build with no Resources.

300 Point Modern Pulp Deadpool Team – No Resources

I mentioned earlier that a possessor would most likely be the best option for Pulp Pool as it covers his minute amount of shortcomings, and boy does Brainiac do that job amazingly. Sidestep to let him move and use RCE/CCE, Pen/Psy if he plans to take a shot against an enemy with big reducers, Impervious to protect him from harm, and Outwit to neutralize threats. Brainiac here is almost too perfect in what he does. The only downside is that the only stat you can raise is damage. I mean, I suppose that’s really not a bad thing. The Regen on Pulppool’s last click is also quite a big deal and can add to his longevity. Let’s not forget clicks three and four where Pulppool will have Running Shot and can pick up Pulse Wave from the machine. So good!

I opted for Cable as the secondary attacker on this build and to me it makes a ton of sense. We’re getting a Probability Control piece who can also harass incredibly well, and has traited Stealth to boot. This makes both our attackers potentially impossible to hit from range, and even if the enemy has a Stealth buster, Cable has ES/D as long as he doesn’t have two tokens, and Pulppool can opt for ES/D as well through panels. Cable might be a little expensive for the team when we already have 125 points spent on a primary attacker, but these two should be able to dismember anyone in their path while remaining relatively safe.

Ultimately, you have to have some support, and it seems like General Lane is a perfect candidate. Able to grant Outwit to either of the two attackers on your force, he can also remove action tokens from either of them and can drop the opposing characters defense by 1 if he has line of fire to them. There’s not much else to be said for General Lane; he’s just a really good support piece for the team.

For the last bit of points, it seemed too perfect to not add The Atom onto the force. Personal taxi for General Lane and supreme retaliator for when one of our guys gets poked, The Atom brings everything you need for such a small amount of points. he’s also got Empower, meaning that once he does jump in, he’ll buff both Pulppool and Cable for attacks. Pretty sure that 2 from him, 5 from Pulppool, and 4 from Cable after General Lane’s Outwit will nuke anything they can touch.

If you don’t want to go with The Atom and want more raw damage, go with the Pym Pocket Tank. I love running this thing on Soldier teams with General Lane because it feels like it just fits so well. You’ve also got a great piece that can jump in and pilot it in Lane so that the 50 point beast you bring out afterwards doesn’t just die and donate points.

This team has a lot of teeth with very few pieces, and can probably put out more consistent damage than the previous build. I toyed with the idea of running the Shifting Focus Deadpool’s over Cable as they’re only 75 points so that we could either have more support or a tertiary attacker, but I think Cable is just a stronger play.

Pulp Deadpool is absolutely in the top 3 chases from the set as he just does so much freaking damage and doesn’t stop. If you haven’t looked into him, I highly recommend it. What pieces have you found to work well with him? Have a team build that did wonders? Post it in the comments below!

See you on Thursday as we take a look at the very last Deadpool & X-Force Chase and the end of the Deadpool Chase Series here on Clix Fix! Tootles!


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