I Am The Ultimate Distraction: Building a Modern Deadpool Title Character Team

Welcome to the first of MANY Deadpool team builds coming up here on Clix Fix! I thought I’d start things off with a bang and build around the new incredibly powerful Super Rare that introduces us to a brand new mechanic.

Before diving into this team build article, there are two points that have to be brought up: First, as I mentioned on Tuesday the units section on HCRealms has yet to be updated with Deadpool & X-Force so I won’t be able to link dials and won’t be using too many of the pieces as they’re more of a hassle to look through and search for points,etc. Second, It’s been all but confirmed that the Super Rare Deadpool has incorrect Keywords, so I will be staying away from building a Theme Team with him. Once these two issues are handled, I’ll either revisit this build in a new article or edit it and let you all know when that happens. Anyway, on to the article!

Hey, slow it down there plastic princess. You’re telling me you’re gonna short change my first team build when you say you’re a fan?

Oh… hey Wade. Yeah, listen, I want to do you justice dude. I only delayed your build one day since the set officially re-

YOU ALREADY DELAYED ME?! I think it’s time you met Uncle Jessie and Uncle Joey to have a nice family dinner with your chest cavity.

Uncle Jessie and Uncle Joey? Oh, your Katana’s. WAIT! Don’t you want to at least see what I have to say about you and see the team I made?

HURRRGGGG- okay. Since you put it that way. I suppose I can wait on killing you. Hey, get me some Nachos while you’re at it. I’m starving!

Looks like I’ve got a little added pressure today. Let’s take a look at the Super Rare Deadpool and see how he works and what we can do with him.

OOOoooo, kinky!

Sigh…. Deadpool is 70 points with 8 clicks of life that, wait really?! 8 clicks of life? Geez, okay… with Indom- Are you serious?! Okay, get through this. Deadpool is 70 points with 8 clicks of life, Indom, 6 range, with a single target. His numbers are…. incredible for his point cost with appropriately strong powers to match. He starts off with 9 Running Shot which drops to 9 Charge on click 4, and 8 Stealth on clicks 7 and 8. His attack is naked (See! You want to see my raisin buns!) with an 11, dropping to a 10, then back to an 11 with Blades on click 4, and resting at 9 on his last two clicks. Defense starts at 17 Energy Shields, goes into 17 Combat Reflexes on click 4, and ends with a freakin’ 18 Regen and 17 Regen on his last two clicks. His damage starts with a 3, picks up Ranged Combat Expert on clicks 2 and 3 while keeping that 3 value, drops to a 2 on click 4, picks up Close Combat Expert on 5 and 6, and ends with a natural 2 on his final two clicks. Looking over his dial, we’re already way ahead on points for what he does. Sure, he doesn’t have any reducers, but that dial is solid for the points.

Great, now tell ’em about the best part! They can read the damn dial themselves, ya ninny.

Hey, I like to write about the dial before I get into their specials so everyone is on the same page. It’s so they understand you more, Wade.

…..My name is Wade Wilson. You have insulted me. Prepare to die. After you finish WINK!

You know you said ‘wink’ rather than emoting it right? Nevermind. Anyway, this version of Deadpool is completely new to Heroclix in that he is the first ever Title Character. If any of you are familiar with Magic: The Gathering, Title Characters work a lot like Planeswalkers do. Rather than write out exactly how they work, take a look for yourself:

Title Character: Title characters have special Title Character abilities indicated by a black open book or a white open book that let them gain and spend Plot Points when activating them. To activate a Title Character ability, give them the character a free action. Choose the ability, and then add or remove the number of Plot Points as indicated by the ability. Title Characters may only activate one Title Character ability per turn. You may not activate a Title Character ability if doing so would result in less than zero plot points. Title Character abilities cannot be countered or ignored.

Title Characters also have Continuity Effects indicated by a closed book that are always active. Continuity Effects are Trait abilities that cannot be ignored. Your force cannot have more than one Title Character, they cannot be replaced, and they cannot replace other characters.

These characters get to utilize special abilities that aren’t powers so they can’t be countered or ignored. They can only activate one of these per turn and they have a unique cost to do so in the form of Plot Points (otherwise known as Loyalty in Magic). Wade here starts with 3 Plot Points on his card, so he has access to some of his abilities right away. Before we get into those, let’s take a look at his Continuity Effects mentioned above.

After clearing action tokens, if Deadpool, Merc with a Mouth activated a Title Character ability this turn but didn’t attack an opposing character, deal him one unavoidable damage.

Okay, so we’re getting a little balance with the potential that Wade has here which is good. If you want to add or subtract Plot Points, you better be sure you attack someone. The key here is that you don’t have to hit; just attack. Since these powers are free actions, this really shouldn’t be an issue unless Deadpool is tokened up. He’s got a secondary continuous effect too.

When Deadpool, Merc with a Mouth is KOed, after actions resolve, give each friendly character on the map 2 action tokens that do not deal pushing damage.

Wow, that’s a big downside to the Merc With A Mouth. You’re essentially losing a turn when he’s KO’d. Luckily this doesn’t deal pushing damage, but it’s a huge gain for your opponent. Luckily, Deadpool has 8 clicks of health, so this should be a little harder than it seems, especially with his Plot Powers. Let’s take a look at those.

(+1 Plot Point) Having Fingers is for Weaklings: Heal Deadpool, Merc with a Mouth up to one click.

So we’ve got 8 clicks of health with very good numbers, Indom, Regen on our last two clicks, and now we’ve got a way to just heal Deadpool every turn? Good lord. Remember, these are free actions, so you can easily go ham with Deadpool and heal after doing so. That easily adds a good 4-5 clicks of health to his dial at least.

HEY! You talkin’ about my cool, new healing factor? Pretty maraschino, right?


Yeah, like the cherries; Sweet! I have some pineapples if you prefer. They have a 100% you’re dead guarantee!

I’m good, thanks though Wade. I’m gonna continue with the review and into the build though if you’re okay with that. Explosives aren’t really my bad, baby.

Let’s see his next Plot Power:

(-2) I am the Ultimate Distraction: Opposing characters combat values cannot be increased until the next turn.

I’m sure most of you that play competitively are eagerly awaiting the rotation of Nighthawk Prime and his nonsense that stops number buffing. Well, Deadpool just one-upped that chump for just 5 more points, and with a much stronger dial that’s harder to take down. What’s crazy about this power is that although it seems like it’s fairly slow with a -2, Deadpool starts with 3 Plot Points, so he can activate this first or second turn, and then every third turn throughout the game. That seems plenty decent to me. Sure, it isn’t Nighthawk Prime-level nonsense, but it’s still incredibly good and it gives Deadpool an even better chance at sticking around since he can shut down modifiers when he knows a big hit is coming.

I broke my Nighthawk Prime. His dumb little Too Wong Foo hand broke when I put him in my favorite pouch.

Wait a minute… A) you know what Nighthawk Prime is? (don’t answer that… fourth wall), and B) which is your favorite pouch? Liefeld gave you, like, 10,000.

Okay, one last power on Deadpool and we can finally take a look at the build.

(-6) Slo-Mo Bullet Time: Deadpool, Merc with a Mouth makes a ranged attack that has  Targeting: , OO>, and target each opposing character within range and line of fire. Each hit character is dealt 2 penetrating damage instead of normal damage. Deadpool, Merc with a Mouth can use Probability Control for this attack.

If you manage to save your Plot Points on Wade or don’t need to nerf modifiers, this attack is just dumb. Think of it like a more intense version of quake that targets everyone within 6 squares and the damage is penetrating. Oh yeah, and it’s free. And he can use Prob for the attack. This might not seem all that thrilling on paper (Don’t you mean a screen?) THANK YOU WADE, but believe me that’s pretty impressive.

Whew, okay that was a lot of information. So, the last thing we need to do before the build is look at Deadpool overall and determine what tools he needs to succeed.

That’s easy! Lots of guns, lots of bullets, two sharp swords, and no idiots! Thanos help me if I see Weasel on this build!

Relax Wade. Weasel didn’t get a new piece in this set, so he isn’t modern. You won’t see him, Bill, or Bob anywhere on this team. Hell, Blind Al isn’t here either.

Only 3/4ths of those people are idiots! One is wonderful companion that wears slick, bright colors and killer glasses. You know Blind Al is my main squeeze. Wait, what the hell did I do with her? IS SHE STILL IN SAN FRANCISCO?

Deadpool may have some amazing numbers and a great dial, but he’s lacking any kind of damage reducers which is dangerous, especially since he tokens your entire force if he goes down. It’s probably best to either use possession on him or find a way to get him some kind of reducer. Other pieces with high numbers will probably work well since we can turn off modifiers, though most of the game that won’t be a factor. Deadpool is going to do the most damage from range, so TK, Enhancement, Perplex, and certain team abilities are going to do wonders for him.

If you’re going the resource route, Pandora’s Box is going to be the way to go; Sidestep will help him get into position for his Ranged Combat Expert on click 2, and Combat Reflexes will make sure he’s always sitting at a 19 defense top dial.

Look buddy, although I love the word porn, you’ve yammered about me for WAY too long (agreed). You might want to see a therapist or something. I know a guy; he might be able to help.

If you’re talking about Dr. Bong, I think I’ll pass. Also, I’m not a comic book character.

TECHNICALITIES, geez! I’m just tryin’ ta help ya! ….My trigger finger is getting a little tetchy. You should probably get to the build.

300 Point Modern Deadpool, Merc With A Mouth Team Build – No Resources

Yep, today has another possessor. Also, yes, it totally makes sense on Deadpool He’s already only 70 points, so it would be crazy to not drop 25 points and make him go from incredible to down-right crazy stupid good. Eclipso was chosen over Brainiac due to Brainic only having 7 clicks so there’s a decent chance he’ll fall off during the game. You might also notice there are a lot of pieces on this team. I wanted it to be as strong as I could make it without resources.

The first piece I added to the team was Wiz Kid, also from the new Deadpool & X-Force Set. I talked about him in my review of the set naturally, and he fits so perfectly with this version of Deadpool, giving him a +1 to attack, damage, and range, which is everything we need to make him excel. Now we’re sitting with 7 range, 12 attack, and 4 damage, and Wiz Kid only costs 25 points. If you activate Deadpool’s +1 Plot Point power on first turn and deal him 1 damage so that he’s on Ranged Combat Expert, now we’ve got an 11 attack, 7 range, 4 damage along with whatever bonuses we want from the power. 6 damage? Sure! How about a 13 attack to make sure we hit? Yep.

But he flies, and he’s standard size, and he can’t carry people with his flight, and he takes our Prime slot, and ya-da, ya-da, ya-da. See, that’s what the Pym Particles are for. Now we can easily shrink Wiz Kid down to tiny size and Deadpool can eagerly carry him around like his own little Rhino keychain (Totally happened!), naturally buffing his numberss for the entire game. I don’t see how this isn’t worth a total of… 27 points. Good god.

Telekinesis was a must so that we could A) get Wiz Kid to the Particles on turn one and B) help Deadpool make his attacks. I also knew that tie-up was going to be a big deal for this force because a decent amount of points were going into support, so I combined the two and took Hank Pym form the box set. This version of Hank has TK, can morph and put Ants on the field every two out of three turns, and can shift to an Outwitter which we’ll need since Deadpool doesn’t have any penetrating powers. Oh, and we can morph into the common Ant-Man from Age of Ultron and manipulate Deadpool’s size and Perplex him even further! Profit!

I also wanted a taxi to keep my team mobile, so I went with Renet Tilley. There’s just no better taxi in the game in that Renet has huge movement, Phasing, and can push into board-wide Prob Control. Overdrive would save some points, and Vanisher wouldn’t take actions from our pool, but Renet won based on just being a better piece overall.

With my remaining 73 points, I knew I needed a secondary attacker, and I immediately stopped my search when I came across Klarion. We’ve seen Klarion take limited by storm, and there’s just no denying how good he is for the points. Adding another Prob control to our force, a Perplex through Teekl, an amazing tie-up piece through Teekl, and a crazy-good swing range, Klarion was just the natural choice for the team. I almost opted for the Joker’s Wild Green Lantern with maybe The Flash for some wall shenanigans, but Klarion is such a steal for his points and ended up taking the spot.

This team has so much going on for it and lots of ways to deal damage. Ants and Teekl will make the board hard to maneuver around while Deadpool takes pot shots and charges up his powers. If you’re facing a big Krang team or number boosting, just keep pulling tokens to nerf modifiers. If you’re facing a semi-swarm squish team, run ’em up and go into Bullet Time after a slick TK from Hank. The lengths this team can go with damage is awesome, and with some tinkering around with points and support, can easily be adapted for Limited or competitive modern. (Limited, swap out Eclipso for the Hulkbuster Torso and you’ve got 17 points to play with – Hello Pocket Tank and for competitive, Renet can probably be swapped for Overdrive and Pandora’s Box can be added).

Okay, you done now? I’ve got a little surprise. I’m flattered by your build and it looks like you really gave it your all, so I’m not gonna kill you. BUT YOU’RE ON NOTICE, BLANCH. I expect to see some more articles involving the greatest merc of all time in the coming weeks. Also, when my keywords get fixed, I expect to see a new article or at the very least an addendum, got it? I’m a team player! I work well with others…. and put lots of holes in ’em.

Thanks Wade. I guess join me next Tuesday for another article here on Clix Fix? I mean, if you have time. I know you have lots of people to… um… stab?

You betcha! I like it when the blades go SWOOSH, SKER-PLISH!

Riiiight. So yeah, if you enjoyed this build, sound off below. Let me know what you’ve tried/are thinking of trying. I’d love to hear about other pieces I may have missed that work well with this Clix Stomping Wade. See you guys on Tuesday! And don’t worry about what I said to Wade, I hope you join me!



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