Deadpool & X-Force Set Review

We’re finally here, friends! Deadpool & X-Force releases in just a few short days. With the set fully spoiled, it’s once again time for a full set review. Let’s see what Wade and Nate have done with Providence.

As you all know by now, I’ve been anticipating this set for quite some time, and now that the full list has been spoiled, it’s easy to see that unlike Joker’s Wild, this set lives up to the hype both in terms of dials and cast. I can’t remember the last time we had this many unclixed, B-list characters. There’s something for everyone; tons of Deadpool’s for a guy like me who can’t get enough of the Merc With A Mouth, and wonderful X-Force classics for those who just don’t give a hoot about ‘ol Wade.

It’s important to note that although last year saw a kind of reinvented point formula and strategy for Heroclix with the releases of Uncanny X-Men and Superior Foes of Spider-Man, that seems to have almost gone the way of the dodo. Joker’s Wild showed us that you can get so much value for such little points as the JSA members seem to have found a wonderful place in Limited, and the HAHAHA Joker completely shattered any perceptions we had about the point formula. Deadpool & X-Force takes that another step, and a good amount of these pieces are going back to last year’s rotation where big characters weren’t a rare sight. There’s a lot of value in this set!

Remember that my reviews are based on constructed, not sealed so please keep that in mind. To save some time and not have this go on forever, I’ll cover each piece, but I’ll only go into detail into the really interesting or must-have pieces. I’m using the same score system as I did for Joker’s Wild: No Thanks, Seems Good, and Yes Please! I will try my absolute best to not be biased since this is a Deadpool-heavy set, but no promises there. Also, since most of the pieces haven’t been added, I can’t link to their dials. Let’s do this!


001a Deadpool – We’re not wasting any time with the Shifting Focus mechanic, and here we see the melee-focused version of Wade. Already this figure is worth it due to the mechanic and his value for the points with both number of clicks of life and his great combat values. He’s a great melee piece with a no-risk Blades roll, which makes me VERY happy. The kind-of Flurry is nice at the end of his dial, but regular Flurry would have been better. Yes Please!

001b Dreadpool – Man, his values are good on those first three clicks, and with traited Steal Energy and indom, he’s going to be a total pain to KO. He’s also a brutal piece against non-themed teams. If he had some reducers, didn’t cost 130 points, and most importantly, didn’t take your Prime spot, he would be killer. Seems Good.

002 Wolverine – What a blast from the past! How can you not like Infinity Challenge Wolverine in 2017?! His healing ability is really cool too with an almost-Mxy dice mechanic. 9 clicks for 70 points is no joke. Yes Please!

003a/003b Foolkiller – Each of these Deadpool mercs has the same dial and traits, but a second trait that’s either Heroes for Hire or Deadpool Corp related. Both of those traits are good, so I’m going to just judge everything else. Foolkiller can be really nasty under the right circumstances, but his printed values are somewhat shallow. Unless you’re going for a theme team, I’d probably pass on him. No Thanks.

004a/004b Madcap – I want to like this guy so much. A tie-up piece that FORCES your opponent to only attack him is one thing, but one that also IMMEDIATELY heals for have a d6 roll after damage is dealt takes him to a whole other level. The only downside to Madcap is his 100 points and his lackluster defense. Still, he gets a decent score just because of his potential. Seems Good.

005 Massacre – Massacre is the only one of the Mercs without a b side and just has the Mercs for Money trait, so he gets some self-healing. For 50 points, you’re getting Charge, Flurry, 10 attack with Precision Strike, and 3 damage with Support. This guy is awesome. Yes Please!

006 Mercenary – Very gimmicky. Not my kind of gimmick. If you really want to run a piece that you have a decent chance at scoring points back, I guess you could run him. I guess? No Thanks.

007 Ninja – Oh man, pass…. wait a minute. She’s got 4 clicks, 5 range, has Stealth, and if she attacks from hindering terrain, she has 6 range and 3 damage? What’s not to like here? If you’re running Hydra, The Hand, or Martial Artist, she’s strictly better than Thug. Seems Good.

008 Rogue Scientist – 35 points for Outwit isn’t bad, especially with Sidestep so that he doesn’t burn your actions to get there, but he’s just not that good. I’d rather pay a little more points and get a solid Outwit piece. No Thanks.

009 Chipmunk Hunk – Dude is 20 points, doesn’t care about terrain, has Stealth, and can use Quake after using Leap/Climb? Um… yeah that’s a lot better than it seems. Back dial Perplex means that even if the Quake isn’t going to help you, he’s going to do something during the game. Seems Good.

010 Tippy-Toe – I mean, can you really not dig this piece for 25 points? My only complaint is that Tippy-Toe can’t damage Stealth pieces because she needs line of fire to the piece. If she could do that, she would be solid as heck. Seems Good.

011 Asp – What’s better than tie-up? How about tie-up that heals themselves and deals 1 damage to everyone she broke away from when she moves? She’s also got an incredible Incapacitate which is almost like a melee Energy Explosion. If she was 5 less points, she would be absurd. Yes Please!

012 Grizzly – Super strength that does penetrating damage with objects? Oh, and he’s got 3 damage, so home boy is gonna be swinging for 5 penetrating damage. That’s… really freaking good! Let’s see, how many points is– HE’S 40 FREAKING POINTS?! What?! Yes Please!

013 U-Go Girl – She’s a decent taxi. I like that she ignores speed symbols for carrying so you don’t have to worry about Flight, and if she can somehow hit an opposing character without dying, she can jump to borderline the best taxi in the game… if you’re playing theme that is. As-is, she’s just not a solid piece overall. Great if themed, but poor if not. No Thanks.

014 Cable – How is this a common? No, I’m being serious. This monster is waaaay too good to be a common. Traited Stealth, ignores hindering for movement, Indom, 7 range, X-Men team ability for healing, 7 clicks of life, and free move-and-attack that ignores anything on the board. Oh, and if he’s got less than 2 tokens, you’re gonna need to hit a 19 to deal any damage, which then hits his Invulnerability. I’m so happy that I finally get a Cable to play with Deadpool. What a beastYes Please!

015 Attending – Aside from the Deadpool history and the lulz, this guy is pretty weak sauce. If you want a gimmick like this, pay 15 more points and play Frog-Man. You’ll be much better off. No Thanks.

016 Dark Deadpool – Here’s a figure that I think doesn’t get the credit he deserves. For 85 points, you get 7 clicks that can break every damage reducer in the game on every single click. He never drops under 10 attack or 17 defense, and for 5 of his 7 clicks, he just weasels out of any situation he needs to setup the perfect hit. No Plasticity to worry about, no “can’t automatically breakaway” nonsense; nope, this is a placement effect so he gets around anything. Oh yeah, and he’s got Stealth too. Seriously, this guy is potentially the best common in the set. Yes Please!


017 Deadpool – Time for another Shifting Focus! This version is the ranged Deadpool, and he’s just awesome! 7 range with two targets, Sidestep to get around, Energy Shields to keep him safe, ignores hindering for line of fire, and the ability to reroll dice once per turn is a great package. End-dial Pulse Wave is AWESOME since you can shift to him when your opponent least expects it and nuke someone before you go out. Yes Please!

018 Domino – Traited Stealth is always good, but the lack of improved movement with Running Shot makes you not want to place Nina into hindering which I don’t like. Her numbers are pretty solid, and traited Prob is just candy. I love that if you re-roll a hit against her, you get a -1 to attack and damage. Too bad she’s 90 points. Seems Good.

019 Dr. Killbrew – 4 clicks for 35 points with Outwit and Stealth – he’s already better than Rogue Scientist! Oh, and when I perplex my attack up, I get a free +1 to damage as well? Why thank you! He’s golden if you get him to click 3-4; Perplex but only to increase values (which works with that nifty +1 to damage power), and Support that can use his target’s attack value. What a good support piece! Yes Please!

020 Hit-Monkey – Running Shot, Stealth, and Sidestep is a really nasty power suite that lets Hit-Monkey get to anyone within his 6 range, and with Precision Strike he’s going to deal at least 1 to you. I really like that he turns into an 11 attack/3 damage piece against Precision Strike users since the ability is handed out like candy these days. I’d love to play him on a Spider-Man team just so I can merc jerk bags before they hit my spiders. Yes Please!

021a/021b Slapstick – This is a really fun dial! Indom and Giant Reach 2 is great, and his numbers aren’t bad either (except for clicks 3 and 5). I love his special attack power; just a shame he doesn’t have Charge or Sidestep, so you’ll have to get him there and then use that Indom to make your hit. We’re seeing that a lot these days to kind of offset the cost of Indom. His dial is a little too wacky for competitive, but he’s pretty damn good. Seems Good.

022a/022b Solo – I like solo. 7 range and another sweet teleporting option that can only be used if he would have someone in his sights within 4 squares. I can’t argue with 10 attack and 3 damage with Invulnerability along with that mobility. He’s nothing to write home about, but he’s decent. Seems Good.

023a/023b Stingray – He doesn’t seem that good, but double targets with Energy Explosion and Outwit means that Stingray can do some serious damage. He keeps those powers for 3 clicks, so he’s almost always going to wreak havoc. Lord help your opponent if you end up in water terrain; having a 19 defense with that setup is going to really suck for them. Seems Good.

024 Koi Boy – I guess he’s not bad? Very circumstantial, but I like that he doesn’t require line of fire, so he actually can mess with Stealth. Then again, do you really want to stop Stealth pieces from leaving their hidey spot? Nah, me neither. No Thanks.

025 Diamondback – She’s got the same excellent trait as Asp that makes her a wonderful tie-up piece, but she’s got 6 clicks for only 50 points as opposed to Asp’s 4. With only a 4 range, it’s going to be tough to really make good use of her, but if you can manage to get her to clicks 3 and 4, she’s going to be a total pain. Seems Good.

026 Bedlam – You play him for his trait, hands down. His dial is pretty meh, but that trait is completely worth it. being able to drop this guy into a fight and shut off all standard power granting from equipment (possession, Symbiote, Hulkbuster, etc.) is awesome. At least he’s got Incap and 18 defense so he has a small chance of sticking around. He’s also 5 clicks for 40 points. Seems Good.

027 Fantomex – Before you critique him, stop thinking about the Wolverine and the X-Men version. He was broken. Okay, now, traited Stealth like the other X-Force peeps, but again no improved movement which makes me not want to park him in Stealth. I like his other trait for Shape Change and Prob for himself on attacks, and his values/powers are pretty sweet. Still, for 100 points and a lack of Indom, this new version isn’t exactly the bees-knees. He’s not bad, just not great either. Seems… Good?

028 Psylocke – I really dig this Psylocke. I feel like this totally encompasses who she is and how she works. Lots of mental attacks with Incap and the Mindblade trait. She’s also got pretty decent values and can be a terror on any click. Still, she’s a little expensive and again, the lack of improved movement counters her own trait. Seems Good.

029a Feral – Precision Strike and Exploit means this kitty is always going to dish some damage so that’s nice. Ignoring characters means there’s also no locking her down; she’s going to hit whoever she wants. Combat Reflexes and Super Senses makes her tough to deal with as well. She’s very solid for 60 points. Yes Please!

029b Thornn – Traited Shape Change is so cool; just something people tend to forget. She’s also got a nifty little Charge ability which is yet another placement effect which means unless you completely cut off her escape, she can jump to different targets. Still, for a Prime, I kind of feel like her a side is slightly better and borderline too similar. She’s a decent piece; I just like the a-side better. Seems Good.

030 Anarchist – He’s okay… nothing wonderful though. He’s your standard ranged attacker with okay range and decent damage, and the Poison is nice to stop people from basing him. Firing out of adjacency is neat. Seems Good.

031 Tombstone – 100 points is a lot, but this guy can be devastating if he hits their primary attacker first. One benefit to the 100 points is that he can use Ultra Heavy objects, so hitting for 6, giving his target -1 to attack and speed, and sporting a deep dial with reducers makes him a bigger threat than folks might give him credit for. I like the very friendly pushable 1st click. Seems Good.

032 Angel Dust – She’s your typical Charge/Super Strength tank. I like the Common Colossus from Uncanny X-Men more, and I still have never played him. 11 attack saves her from the graces of never being played. Seems… Good?


033 Deadpool – Round three on the Shifting Focus! I really like this dude.Having an Energy Explosion option for Shifting Focus is a big deal, and his middle clicks give you a way to carry him anywhere AND make free attacks when you do. Keep in mind, Empower and Perplex can help him hit for a LOT of free damage. He’s also hard to get rid of since he sticks with whoever he’s next to, which means you could be carrying a little nuke thanks to the uncommon with Pulse Wave. His last click is a great option for if you wanna go down fighting. Yes Please!

034a/034b/034c Deadpool – Man, that’s a lot of rare Deadpool’s, all with the same dial. Another Shifting Focus piece, this is your support Deadpool, which can Prob folks with a certain keyword based on the team he’s on. He’s also got a double Perplex that he uses on himself and a character with that same keyword as whichever piece you’re running. Defend makes him a solid choice for support. Yes Please!

035 Howard the Duck – Is this real? How is this piece only 50 points? Do you like playing Peggy Carter? Cool, Howard here takes her ability and cranks it up to 11. He’s also got the best Incapacitate in the game, able to target every-single-adjacent-opposing-character. This little guy is only 50 points, and I can almost guarantee he’ll see competitive play. Yes Please!

036 Shiklah – I really want to like this click. Really. I love this character and adore her and Wade, but her dial is just so counter-intuitive to what she wants to do. Steal Energy to get super powerful like most vampire dials is great, but Running Shot means she doesn’t want to get into close quarters to utilize said Steal Energy. The prob on her ‘second’ click that runs through to her last click is really nice, and the Mind Control is good, but she’s just all over the place. If you can heal her up, she’s really nasty. At least she can transform to a decent click. No Thanks. Sigh.

037a Deadpool – This was the first piece we saw from the set, and he’s just amazing. This piece is incredibly mobile, and can blink anywhere between 1-6 squares as a free action. Think about the playmaking he’ll make with your other Shifting Focus pieces. Yes Please!

037b Deadpool – Here’s your healing factor Deadpool in the rare prime slot, and boy is he good at healing. Whenever he takes damage, he immediately heals 1-3 clicks for free. With Toughness, this guy is going to be a total pain to KO. Regen on his last two clicks means he’s going to be your go-to to keep your Shifting Focus in the fight. Yes Please!

038a/038b Terror – I like the way they executed his curse, and 8 clicks for only 75 points with good reducers and regen is a pretty big bargain, but his stats are somewhat poor. He’s probably not going to be KO’ing many things, which is a shame since he really needs to in order to KO things. He’s like a mobius strip. A mobius strip of mediocrity. Seems Good.

039 Squirrel Girl – I’m gonna try and judge this without bias as I really *don’t* like Squirrel Girl as a character. Anyway, she’s incredibly good, although not in the realm of Penguin or Devil Dinosaur. She takes a bit more time and positioning to really make her work, but if you can manage to get her fully powered up, she’s going to be a nasty piece. I can’t really argue with 11 Charge, 14 attack, 20 Toughness, and 6 Exploit for only 85 points. Yes Please! (ugh)

040 Princess Python – She’s incredible for only 30 points. Token producers are a big deal, and with 4 clicks of health, you’re already ahead. Mind Control is just an added bonus, and the ability to give her Python an action as a free action is nuts, especially since she doesn’t have to be adjacent to it, or even within a certain number of squares. How can you pass up a Plasticity token that can Blades you for free, and if you fail a breakaway, it incaps you? Yes Please!

041 Negasonic Teenage Warhead – “Best name EVAR!”. Meh, she’s okay, but not rare material. The improved movement is good and if you’re lucky on dice rolls, she can be a pest, but I don’t foresee her on a lot of teams outside of sealed. No Thanks.

042 Boom-Boom – Oh man, is this piece incredible. Pen/Psy and Energy Explosion is such a deadly combination that doesn’t see much play because of how rare it is, and if she’s clear, she has 11 attack and 3 damage. SO GOOD! If she were 50 points, I could see her being on a lot of teams. Still very good for 60 points. Yes Please!

043 Marrow – Umm…. apparently Marrow is in this set? Okay? Some Plasticity, traited Stealth for X-Force (SHE gets the freaking improved movement: hindering?!) and lots of Blades. Eh. No Thanks.

044 Shatterstar – Traited powers are always great, and Sidestep is one of the best to have. Shatterstar has that and Toughness which makes him a little deceiving. Oh, and he’s got Blades with 11 attack that can be rerolled once per turn. Oh, and he goes to 12 on click two with Flurry? Wait, really? Jesus. Is that PROB on his last two clicks?! Regen on his last? Man, this guy is a jerk. Yes Please!

045 Orphan – If you’re playing X-Statix/Headline token team, this guy is a must play. If not, he’s okay. For 70 points, he’s not very good without his team as you can pay 20 more points and play the Super Rare Faust and have a somewhat equal multi-dice rolling ability. Seems Good with Theme/No Thanks without

046 Doop – I think there’s a rule somewhere that says Doop always has to be overpowered; this guy might not live up to his CON LE, but he’s not far from it. For 90 points, you get 4 clicks of Invincible and Close Combat Expert meaning he’s going to get at least one headline token. For 35 points, you still get Invicible, and you get Prob. If he somehow takes only 1 damage, you get regen, meaning he’s super hard to KO. His Healine power is a little wacky, but if you manage to roll that damn 6, you pretty much win the game. Just make sure you raise his attack value before rolling! Yes Please!

047 Jackhammer – This guy is really neat since he takes a fairly rarely used power like Quake and injects it with steroids. Sure, he’s only got a 9 attack, but that’s easy to fix. He’ll probably only get to do his effect once before he’s KO’d, but I like how much he screws swarm teams. You can’t really not like this guy for only 35 points. Seems Good.

048 Living Brain – Let’s take a trip down memory lane as Living Brain resets friendly Scientists back to old-school, 10 range Outwit/Perplex/Probability Control! Oh, and he’s got Outwit for two clicks, Prob for another two, and Perplex for another two. With Toughness for almost his entire dial, and two clicks of Regen, he’s going to pull his weight for 70 points. I love this guy! Yes Please!


049 Fenris – This piece is just incredible. 7 range, 8 Running Shot, 11 attack, 4 damage, and the option for penetrating damage or knockback is insane value for only 60 points. Only having Energy Shield/Deflection is a little scary, but they can easily just knock back anyone who gets close to them. With Enhancement, their going to be a disgusting sniper on any team. And again, you get all this for only 60 points. Wow. Isn’t there some kind of point structure? Yes Please!

050 Hellcow – While Bessie might not be the most powerful Super Rare, she’s got tons of potential. It’s worth just having a medic that has traited Steal Energy, Stealth, Flies, has Sidestep, and both of her clicks are STOP clicks. That right there makes her a decent 50 points. However, if you somehow manage to heal her up, even to click 4, she’s more than doubled her value on your team. This piece is going to be so freaking hard to KO if you manage to start hitting people. I love the potential here. Oh yeah, and she’s Indom too! Yes Please!

051 Dead Girl – If you’re going to get just one X-Statix member, get Dead Girl. With the ability to completely turn off STOP, she’s worth her tiny 75 point cost. Her Headline ability makes it to where if she hits you just once, she’s now healing every single turn. If she hits you three times, she’s guaranteed to res back to click 3, and she can start the process all over again. With Blades and Exploit along with Charge on top click, and Flurry/Precision Strike on her end-dial, she’s always a threat, and she doesn’t care if she bases you and goes down doing it. What an incredible melee piece this is. Yes Please!

052 Mistress Death – She doesn’t really ‘not die’ like Deadman and Resurrection Man since your opponent still scores her, and although she has a disgusting 12 attack Pulse Wave, she doesn’t have Running Shot or Sidestep, and she’s fairly fragile with just Toughness and Shape Change to protect her. Her Touch of Death is incredible and can totally change the game, but nothing on her dial gives her a good chance to make a close attack. She’s like Shiklah; a piece with a lot of promise, but nothing synergizes well. No Thanks.

053 Shiklah – Here we have Shiklah’s true monster form, clocking in at 160 points. She’s got a deep dial with superior damage reducers (she doesn’t hit Invulnerability until click 6!), and a nifty trait that says if she’s hit, you either deal the attacker 1 penetrating damage or 2 damage. This gives her Mystics-but-not-really since she can get through any reducer. Her top click Invulnerability is really awesome in that more times than not, it’s reducing damage by 3. She’s got some real potential for damage, but the lack of Indom is problematic. Seems Good.

054 Swarm – I freaking love this guy; he only takes 1 damage from attacks (unless doubles), and has Super Senses and Shape Change to block a hit from getting that far. He’s also got 10 movement Running Shot, and whenever he hits, he puts a Bee Swarm next to his target which has Poison and Super Senses. He might not see competitive play, but he’s really fantastic. Yes Please!

055 Ajax – Francis here is a lot better than he seems; more than just a Deadpool counter. With Hypersonic on his entire dial, decent attack values, LOTS of reducers, and 3 damage with Prob up front and Penetrating damage later, he’s always a threat. Don’t need Hypersonic? Cool, pick Flurry and hit for 6 in a single turn. With Indom, he’s always going to be aggressive, and 5 range makes sure that he can get around Plastiticy. If there is a Deadpool on the map, that player is probably going to hate life. Yes Please!

056 Colossus – 8 clicks for 150 points isn’t bad, and Indom with oodles of reducers makes him a constant threat/tank. Traited Super Strength makes sure he does Colossus things, and smashing through walls makes him a threat wherever he goes. I think he’ll see more play at his 80 point line though. Even though he’s only 4 clicks deep, he’s got 11 Quake and 4 Close Combat Expert meaning he can dish a lot of damage for only 80 points. The worst part about him is the Colossus fatigue we all have. Seems Good.

057 Cannonball – He certainly lives up to the name; there’s not much that’s going to stop Cannonball if he manages to line up his charge in a direct line, and he’s going to be pretty well protected if he does thanks to conditional Invulnerability. Energy Shields protects him while he gets into position, and 7 clicks makes sure he’ll be a threat for quite some time. The final STOP click is pretty great, especially since he can gamble, push, and not subtract 2 from his regen (although he’ll still take 1 push damage). Still, I don’t really dig him that much. Seems Good.

058 Stryfe – Although he seems kind of meh at first glance with his hodge-podge powers, no move and attack, no indom, and high point cost, once you really look at him, Stryfe is quite nasty. He’s got TK that can be used as a free action if he’s been given a non-free action in the same turn. That means he can either TK twice in the same turn, or he can move up and TK a friendly up with him. Or, he can throw two objects at someone like chase Magneto (kind of). He’s also got Leadership and Outwit which is nice. The back half of his dial is really awesome with Running Shot and Pulse Wave, and a final click of Regen. What makes Stryfe crazy good though is his trait. When he’s KO’d, he deals penetrating damage to every member of a named keyword equal to half their click number. That means Stryfe is a tank that you don’t want to kill. He’s always a pain to deal with. Yes Please!

059 Hammer – Do your opponents like super taxi’s like Overdrive and Vanisher? Well friend, this is your guy. With the possibility of dealing 5 damage from range he can easily out-scale his 50 point cost. Since he has Sidestep, he can also make use of his Ranged Combat Expert and raise that already impressive 11 attack to a 13. What’s not to like about 13 attack and 5 damage for 50 points? Yes Please!

059b Wiz Kid – There’s been some discussion about this guy; some people think he’s trash for a Super Rare Prime. That couldn’t be further from the truth. For only 25 points, you’re always giving every adjacent character +1 to their attack, range, and damage. How is that bad?! Boost all your snipers and then zip over to your melee piece and jolt him up all in the same turn. Flight makes sure he can get to whoever needs his boost, and 18 Toughness forces somewhat of a commitment from your opponent. Seriously, there’s nothing bad about a 25 point super Perplexer. Yes Please!

060 Deadpool, Merc With A Mouth – Where do I even being with this guy? Just based on his dial alone, this guy is totally worth his points. 8 clicks, indom, 6 range, and only 70 points. Regen and Stealth on his last two clicks. This guy is already a steal. Then you get into the lengthy new mechanic of Title Character. If you’ve every played Magic: The Gathering, you’ll notice he’s almost exactly like Planeswalker cards. Basically, he’s got the ability to self-heal every turn (which doesn’t turn out well if he didn’t attack), can shut down all combat modifiers every three turns, and can potentially hit everyone in his range for 2 penetrating damage with Prob 2-3 times per game depending on how well you play him. The downside to him is that if he’s KO’d, everyone on your force becomes double tokened. If anything in this set is going to see competitive play, it’s going to be this piece. I guarantee it. Yes Please!


Each of the chases comes with a Comic Panel which is a lot like the Word Bubbles from the last Deadpool set, but they work slightly differently. I’ll be reviewing these guys assuming you know how the mechanic works.

061 D.E.A.D.P.O.O.L. – 150 points buys you a fairly meaty dial with high mobility and the possibility to dish quite a lot of damage via Blades/Perplex. He’s also got an Evil Deadpool-esque ability to fire at someone after making a close attack which means that a single Perplex of his damage will have him dealing 7 clicks in one turn. His Smoke Cloud ability is kind of funny, but not that great. He’s a decent chase, but the lack of Indom is a little frustrating. His panel grants Enhancement which can be pretty decent, but not overpowered. Seems Good.

062 Championpool – Look at this guys’ dial! 9 clicks with 11-12 attack for his first 5 clicks is seriously nasty. Power Cosmic protects him and gives him Willpower, which is great. My only issue with Champion is his very low movement with no Charge. He’s a giant, so that gives you a +1 to your reach, but that also stops him from being TK’d and limits who can carry him. If you can get around that mobility issue, he’s going to be a monster, and that 175 points is buying you a lot. I also love that he can deal 5 clicks of damage on every click but one, and potentially 10 the click immediately after that. His panel grants Combat Reflexes, which is terrific. We’ve seen how dumb that is with sins. Yes Please!

063 Golden Age Deadpool – Talk about effecient, it doesn’t get much better than Weezy Wilson. 6 clicks for 75 points with Indom is already pretty decent, but his values make him outstanding. Who doesn’t want 10 Charge, 11 attack, 18 defendse, and 4 damage with Indom for 75 points? I know I do. His second and third clicks are capable of carrying that 4 damage or hitting for 5. With Phasing/Regen on hist last two clicks, he’s gonna be tough to put down. Oh yeah, and he can carry two lower-point characters and has Defend traited. His panel is a little meh with Smoke Cloud, but that can be good depending on your build. Yes Please!

064 Hulkpool – There’s no denying how good this piece is. 125 points buys you Indom, 10 Charge, 12 Super Strength, 18 Impervious, 4 PROBABILITY CONTROL, and the ability to smash through walls. Oh, and whenever he hits someone and the attack total is 4 or more than their defense, you either get to counter all their powers or heal him 3 clicks of health. With a 12 attack and Prob, that’s really not difficult to do! His dial stays pretty strong, and his last 3 clicks he gets a neat, old-school revert power, which can swap out to your Shifting Focus super healer and keep Deadpool in the fight even longer. His panel gives Quake, which is probably my least favorite as it’s very situational, but very appropriate for this figure. Yes Please!

065 Pirate Deadpool – Pirate Deadpool was one of the last Chases revealed and just when I thought Hulkpool was my #1 Chase pick, I saw how delightful this dial was. We’re already off to a good start with Indom and 8 clicks, and he gets a cool Parrot Bob bystander with Perplex. He’s got Running Shot for 4 clicks with a gorgeous attack power that gives him Pen/Psy and replaces his attack value with the highest attack value on the map. Not highest printed, just highest. With Enhancement and Bob’s Perplex, this version of Wade is going to dish so much damage. Let’s not forget that he makes all your characters share the Pirate keyword too! His panel gives Energy Shield/Deflection which, like Combat Reflexes, is just nuts. In my opinion, he’s the best chase. Yes Please!

066 POOL CAPTAIN – These big ‘ol bruisers at over 250 points rarely see play because of how much you have to give up, but this version of Wade is incredibly strong. With 9 range and double targets, 9 clicks with Power Cosmic, and incredibly good values, he’s always going to pull his weight. Oh yeah, and he ignores everything but blocking terrain for line of fire, so that 12 Hypersonic is going to be nasty. His panel grants Precision Strike which is probably the most powerful of the bunch since Precision Strike is so strong and flat-out counters a lot of figures defenses. This guy gets exponentially better with the Stealth comic panel. Yes Please!

067 Pulp Deadpool – I’m very conflicted on this Deadpool. He’s an exceptionally underpriced figure rocking a 12 attack with Precision Strike, and can use Charge, Running Shot, and Plasticity meaning he’s always going to be causing chaos. The only reason I’m conflicted is because the only thing saving him is Super Senses, which I never roll successfully. So for me personally, I see a glass cannon. The good news is that the comic panels will GREATLY help his only minuscule downside. If you can get passed that, he’s a god for only 100 points. Indom? Check. Ranged Combat Expert with 3 damage and 12 attack? My god, if you land a single attack with this guy, you’ve already profited. His panel grants Stealth, which comes just underneath the Precision Strike panel for me as it buffs most of these chases exponentially. Yes Please!

068 Venompool – Ah, the first Chase we got to see! Venompool had the community buzzing quite a bit with his OP AF Retcon Expongifier Gun which flat out says ‘no’ for Probability Control pieces. How is that not amazing? At only 80 points, Venompool is going to be a monster piece that slowly creeps up to you and love taps you for a whopping 4 damage. And if you base him, he’s going to slice you with Exploit Weakness, and the poison you. His dial is really strong too with 7 clicks for those 80 points, strong values, Prob in the middle, and a click of Regen at the end. His panel is probably my least favorite, giving another target for ranged attacks, seeing as most of these chases won’t really benefit that much from it as others are just strictly better (why wouldn’t I want Precision Strike for offense rather than another target?). Yes Please!


I can’t imagine you’ve paid attention to this set and didn’t realize that there’s an Ultra Chase, only the second one WizKids has ever produced. I am completely -thrilled- that they gave that honor to the Merc With A Mouth. Let’s take a look.

069 Deadpool – Are. You. Freaking. KIDDING ME WITH THIS GUY? Mystics on a Deadpool piece?! His dial might be a little weird with Charge and Pen/Psy Blast, but look at that damage power; Exploit Weakness. This version of Wade riding his majestic unicorn is going to deal full damage unless you have Invincible. Sure, it’s harder from range, but he can still do it. Ignoring hindering for movement and line of fire means that no one is safe from his rampage. His values are incredible with a 12 attack for two clicks, and never dropping below 3 damage. For defense, Wade has Impervious for six freaking clicks, but those first 3 give him a once per game ability to just choose to take no damage instead. That means you can’t alpha strike this guy, at all. Ultra Heavy coming in with a natural 5 damage, a total of 8? K, I’ll roll for Imperv. Oh, I rolled a 2? That’s okay, I’ll just take no damage instead. Thanks, twinkle-toes. The only way you’re getting around this is Pulse Wave. He’s also got a free Blades if he has no tokens at the beginning of the turn, meaning basing him is VERY dangerous. Lastly, he’s got that Rainbow Joy Clix FX base that essentially neutralizes a piece that he hits from attacking him until they roll a 5 or 6 at the beginning of their turn, or they’re the last piece on that players force. This guy is nuts. Expect him to be expensive. Yes Please!

Woo, that was a long one today! What can I say, it’s hard for me to stop talking about Deadpool; maybe that’s why I like him so much, haha.

I hope you all enjoyed my review of the new set. Please keep in mind that these ratings are based on my own opinions and that this isn’t a concrete guide on what to purchase. You might really like a piece that I really dislike and that’s okay! The great thing about Heroclix is that almost every piece can be used effectively in the right situation.

Hope you all had fun at preleases and good luck to those of you that are playing in a release event this week. See you Thursday!


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  1. Is there an errata for Squirrel Girl? My card and HC Realms Units state

    SQUIRREL ARMOR!: Once per game, give Squirrel Girl a power action if there are 3 adjacent Squirrel bystanders. Remove them from the game. When you do, modify Squirrel Girl’s combat values by +1 for the rest of the game.


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