Duel of Twisted Honor: Building a Modern Shredder Clone Team

Let’s talk about that incredibly under-costed, shell of a man that everyone seems to be talking about. That’s right, it’s time for the dreaded Shredder Clone to steal the scene and get a team build!

If you read my TMNT 3: Shredder’s Return review last week, you’ll probably know that I wasn’t a huge fan of the set. However, there were some really amazing gems buried within the ranks of all the generics. The most noticeable of these gems was only a rare, in the form of the Shredder Clone. This guy is so good, I found myself buying 3 on release day (one for myself, one for a friend, and one for trade fodder) even though he’s a unique. As is always the case with a team build around a specific piece, I’m going to deconstruct what’s so fab about it so we know what direction we’re running.

Shredder Clone comes in at only 75 points with 6 clicks of life, 0 range, and standard combat symbols with a nice upgrade to Indomitable. Now, Shredder was pretty menacing in the last set with his 11 attack Blades and 3 damage for only 50 points, but that guy didn’t have Indom. What a sucker! Shredder’s Clone on the other hand has a whopping 12 attack with Blades. Even the new Red Hulk, Spirit of Vengeance LE doesn’t have a 12 attack, and he’s 250 freaking points! He’s also got 7 Stealth, 18 Energy Shield/Deflection, and 2 Leadership. Some people may not like the Energy Shields/Stealth combo, but when you’re fighting against a ranged-heavy team that can see through Stealth (I’m looking at you, Hawkeye!), you’re going to be thankful for those shields.

His dial progresses quite nicely; his Stealth goes into Flurry for clicks 2-5, he keeps Blades and Energy Shields for his first 5 clicks, has Leadership for clicks 1 and 2, and picks up Battle Fury on clicks 3-5. On his last click, he has just Stealth and Regeneration, and his attack finally drops into a 9, but he keeps a 17 defense which he’s had since click 2. With 5 clicks of Blades and 4 of those clicks with Flurry, he’s going to dish a lot of freaking damage. Of course, he’s got a few traits which really make this guy go from good to all-out stupid. Let’s take a look.

(+10) OCEAN RESURRECTION: When Shredder Clone would be KO’d, you may replace him with TMNT3 #035 Shark Shredder on click #4. That character can’t be healed this game except by using Steal Energy.

Okay, a pseudo-Uncanny X-Men Prime trait that lets him replace himself when he would be KO’d. This is a really good trait. My only gripe is that it requires a chase and since this piece is so good, that chase if going to be tough to get your hands on. On top of that, the chase isn’t really that great to run by himself, so you’re dropping those funds just for a resurrection on Shredder Clone. Still, if you have him, you probably want to use this.

DUEL OF TWISTED HONOR: At the beginning of the game, choose an opposing character that isn’t the lowest point character on that force. Opposing characters that weren’t chosen modify their attack value by -2 when attacking Shredder Clone unless the chosen character has been KO’d.

Ah yes, the name of the article and the reason why Shredder Clone is so insanely good. Unlike Nick Fury, Shredder Clone picks someone who isn’t the lowest point figure on an opponents force and until that figure is KO’d, all other characters that attack Shredder Clone get a -2 to their attack value. This is a pretty big deal. Most teams will have at least one or two support pieces that don’t cost that much, or they have a low attack value. Against teams with Colossal Retaliators, you’re free to pick virtually any other piece on their team. Giving anyone a -2 to their attack is a very big deal, and with his Energy Shields now giving him a +2 to range defense, that’s a 4 point swing that you’re opponents have to break through while he’s on his approach. Even with just an 18 defense, chances are your opponent is swinging in melee with an 11 attack; now it’s a 9. This trait is just brutal and can be incredibly frustrating to play against.

SHREDDER ELITE: Shredder Clone can use Sidestep. When he moves, after actions resolve deal 1 penetrating damage to each adjacent opposing character that wasn’t adjacent at the beginning of the move.

Like the four chases, Shredder Clone also has this disgusting trait which gives him Sidestep, and absurd damage output levels. Not only are you getting to Flurry/Blades every 2 out of 3 turns, you can Sidestep around and deal 1 penetrating damage to anyone you land next to. This puts Poison to shame and throws an already powerful figure into maximum overdrive.

With these three traits, Shredder Clone is absolutely under-costed and a demon character to face off against. Before we can get into the build, I always like to talk about what will really make him excel at what he does, or what he needs to be successful.

With no damage reducers, he’s potentially the most necessary figure to need a possessor or the Hulkbuster Torso. In limited, the Torso is going to be your best answer, while a good possessor will be the best bet in any other format. He also lacks any type of move-and-attack, like Charge or Hypersonic Speed. Since he has Indom and his trait gives him free damage on any move, we don’t really need TK. Instead, a good taxi would benefit him greatly. Lastly, if you’re like me and unlucky with single d6 rolls, I would opt for some Perplex or Empower to raise his damage value to something more solid that you can count on.

I’m going to run two builds today; one is a more versatile build that has more moving parts while the other is pretty short and sweet. They’re very similar, but interact in slightly different ways. Both builds are going to be no resources, though if you really want to go that route, I highly suggest Pandora’s Box so that you can get the Lust relic on him. Combat Reflexes will further make him almost impossible to hit at any point in time, and one of the paths can grant him Charge.

300 Point Modern Shredder Clone Team – No Resources

As I mentioned above, possession is a big deal for Shredder Clone because of his lack of any damage reducers. Brainiac really doesn’t work with his power suite, so it’s between Eclipso and Proteus. Although Proteus would give you a 13 attack and 19 defense, the possibility of rolling into damage is scary, and he doesn’t accomplish our goal of damage reducer. Eclipso on the other hand can boost our damage to a 3 making it easier to deal a decent amount of damage, and can give us Impervious to keep him safe. Unfortunately Eclipso gets his special Blades/Flurry power on click 7, too late for Shredder Clone to use.

Mr. Mxyzptlk is my answer for Blades rolls, and Impervious for that matter. With the ability to save a 5 or 6 for maximum damage or to completely negate an attack, he’s very clutch with how Shredder Clone operates. Or you can flat-out use him to make opponents more frustrated by using any lower rolls to make them miss (and with a -2 to attack, nearly anything under a 7 is going to miss). He’s also a great buddy to sit adjacent to our next team member.

Nighthawk Prime is a bane of a lot of folks gameplay and it’s easy to see why. With the ability to completely lock number boosting, he effectively neutralizes a lot counter play and team builds. One way to get around Shredder Clone’s trait is to use Perplex to boost your attack back up and try and take him down in one glorious hit. Nighthawk Prime here just says “nope, you’re sticking with that -2”. He also prevents Mind Control, an ability that’s starting to see a bit more play, so that’s just another benefit. Combine all that with Outwit to neutralize any defense powers your targets have, and he’s the package that Shredder Clone needs to really destroy teams. With Mxy next to him, he’s also got a better shot at rolling out of attacks, too.

I knew at this point I needed a taxi for the team, and I stopped as soon as I saw Storm in my search. Since Shredder Clone has Stealth, Storm can always keep him safe with her free Smoke Cloud. She’s also got Perplex which can either be used to push up his attack to a 13 (do you really need it?), push up damage to a 4 (+1 from Eclipso), or pump their attack down to really rub lemon juice in their open wound. I love that she drops to Pulse Wave too; she’s a great late-game damage dealer.

With 15 points left, I opted for Betty. Another Perplex is terrific, and she too can sit next to NHP to have you succeed on Shape Change with anything but a 1. She also pushes into Support so if our Shredder Clone does somehow take a hit, you can run him back and nurse him back to full (with that sweet 6 you saved with Mxy!).

My only issue with this team is that if they somehow manage to kill Shredder Clone, you’re pretty much out. He’s your only source of damage, but he’s very good at doing it. With all the number boosting, Flurry on most of his dial, and free damage just from moving, I think he can dish out a ton of damage before they really have a shot at KO’ing him.

How about build 2?

300 Point Modern Shredder Clone Team – No Resources

You’ll notice that Nighthawk Prime came along for the ride again, and Eclipso has been dropped in place of the optional trait for Shredder Clone. Losing the possessor was a decision that had to be made in order to add our beat stick; Red Son Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman has an insane trait that’s very similar to Shredder Clone, but it’s a little more balanced in terms of how harsh it is (rather than just a straight -2 to attack). When an opposing character attacks someone on your force that’s less points than she is, they get a -1 to attack and damage. Let that sink in. With the combination of Shredder Clone, Wonder Woman, and Nighthawk Prime, you’re giving your opponents a -3 to attack and -1 to damage if they attack the clone and there’s nothing they can do about (unless they Pulse Wave).

Wonder Woman also has Charge, Flight, and Perplex, along with Super Strength meaning she can take care of the heavy lifting while Shredder Clone slowly and efficiently butchers the rest. Once she takes a hit, her attack value goes up and she gets a free Mind Control power that she can use against adjacent figures once per turn, which you’ll be able to use since this team wants to blitz and it wants to do it hard. You have to all-in. She’s also got a killer once-per-game stop click that gives her Regen, so it’s going to be tough knocking her out.

With the Ocean Resurrection trait, now you have two pieces that are insanely hard to kill, and although you’ll lose the Duel trait from no longer having Shredder Clone on the board, you’ve got a monstrous giant that can Steal Energy back up to his first click while decimating their already wounded force.

This team is a little more risky since it doesn’t have as many moving parts, but if they don’t have Pulse Wave, it’s going to be a really tough game. And even if they do have Pulse Wave, bunch your team together so they’re forced to hit everyone for only 1 damage which doesn’t really affect you. I realize that there are two chases on this force, as well as an expensive Super Rare Prime, but the interactions here are just too good not to use.

What do you think of these teams? Have you thought of something unique to use with Shredder Clone? Did you use him last week at your WizKids Open, or play against someone with him? I’d love to know! Sound off in the comments below and let’s see just what this little jerk is capable of.

See you all next week, and good luck to those playing in the next round of WKO’s this weekend!


4 thoughts on “Duel of Twisted Honor: Building a Modern Shredder Clone Team

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  1. Finally got a chance to try this guy out. He’s pretty sick with the symbiote. Didn’t even make an attack with him just moved around the map causing trouble. It was 500 points. I missed the tourney but caught a pick up game with one of the guys. He was playing nick fury/ myxy/ nighthawk prime/ worlds finest/ 3 ID cards. Cleared his team and only lost the atom.
    I played
    shredder clone /symbiote/ +ocean resurrection
    Justin seyfert
    Baxter stockman
    Ant-man/morphing ant-men
    The atom
    The atom

    #posttrumpmeta lol


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