Love Is In The Air: Building FUN Valentine’s Theme Teams

Today is Valentine’s Day here in the U.S., so I thought I would do another round of fun before kicking off into more Meta articles. Let’s look at some power couples and build around them!

Holiday events are always fun because they force you think about theme and actual characters rather than what’s going to get you the most points or who’s going to play the most dominating pieces. I tend to break down how I build teams a lot differently as instead I look to what makes sense in a story or who would join a particular couple. Overall, it’s just a fun time and takes a lot of the stress away or your typical 300 point modern, where everything is legal.

We did an event at my LGS on Sunday that centered around selecting a romantic couple from Golden Age, and building a theme team around them. To make it a bit easier, you got to pick a ‘main’ piece and have the other portion of that couple gain one of their keywords. So if you wanted to put Superman and Wonder Woman together, you wouldn’t necessarily have to pick two pieces that shared exact keywords; you could say that Wonder Woman could use the Kryptonian keyword for that build. This helps the otherwise limitations you would have in favor of story.

For today’s builds, I’m going to use the same format as we did:

  • 500 Points, Golden Age
  • Relics, Possession, Vehicles Legal
  • Resources, Colossals, BFC’s, Feats Illegal

Let’s take a look at some of the couples I toyed with before settling on a build.

Spider-Man and Mary Jane

Related image

For me, there really isn’t a better couple from comics than Peter and MJ because they’re very normalized and human in terms of comic characters. We also got a kick-ass Spider-man set last summer, so there’s no lack of good pieces.

I decided to make MJ an Avenger for this build as she can be a support system for them. The Quinjet is used just as an insanely tanky ranged vehicle that MJ can jump into to keep her safe; that’s where Peter would want her. From there, I built a pseudo-Uncanny Avengers team with mutants taking up the spaces.

I’ve talked a lot about Prime Sunfire and how strong he is, so he made sense to counter Peter’s insane melee damage. Scarlet Witch is one of the best support pieces to ever grace the game with Mystics for Spider-Man to copy, Perplex, and Probability Control for only 50 points. Barrier doesn’t hurt either. Jarvis is a killer damage absorber with his special defense that only allows him to take 1 damage. He’s also got Perplex so that’s even more number boosting, and he gives the team a just-in-case call-in of the major three Avengers via his trait for three free ID cards without paying their cost. I think it’s a neat idea to use ID cards as intended and require using up your points during game to call someone in, and the heart of the avengers made the most sense here.

For Spider-Man, there was no better choice than the Super Rare we got in Superior Foes of Spider-Man. I honestly feel like we never need another Peter again, and if they need to make one when this set rotates out, just reprint this one. He’s absolutely perfect for the character. I went with Adara because it really makes sense for him; giving him Defend or Prob is absolutely part of his core values, so even the possessor is themed! For MJ, there’s really no better choice than the uncommon from the same set.

Captain America and Sharon Carter

Image result for captain america and sharon carter comics

I love Cap and Sharon. Sure, it’s a little weird that her aunt is Peggy Carter and Steve had a fling with her in WWII, but whatever. They’re a great couple and it’s a little sad to see her aging in the comics while Steve stays young. Poor Steve. Anyway!

There aren’t too many options for Sharon, but the one I opted with is just brutal. She pushes into a special attack that says adjacent opposing characters can’t use their defense powers which is just insane. She’s the reason I wanted to build a team with her and Steve. Because she’s in the MCU in terms of clicks, I decided to go with an MCU Avengers team, giving her the keyword for the event.

I wanted at least one of the other big guns on the team, so I opted for the 150 point Iron Man. He’s got Running Shot, Energy Explosion, and Outwit, and his dial is pretty great until he gets to the end. For Cap, I picked the 100 point version from Age of Ultron for his devastating trait that lets him hit anyone within 6 squares with a close attack. I don’t know how that’s even possible. He’s also got a massive 12 attack, so he’s going to cause some havoc. I gave him Ion because it made sense to make him a Green Lantern, and the option of picking two powers is really good for him since his dial is fairly bland on that front.

For the rest of the team, I opted for Hawkeye because he’s probably the best archer Marvel has in clix, which also led me to Black Widow since they have synergy with each other. I’d love to try the two of them out together as I never have. I ended up with Redwing as I only had 20 points left, and he’s actually a pretty swell piece since he reduces defense values and has a 10 movement to get in and get out.

Aquaman and Mera

Image result for aquaman and mera

Admittedly, I don’t know many DC couples because I don’t read DC, but I do know that Aquaman and Mera are a couple, and I freaking love playing Atlantis teams. They’re so much fun, so I figured this would be a great build.

I really tried to make this team purely DC, but Namor had to stick his fat butt in. There’s just no denying his +1 to attack values to all Atlanteans. Also, you got me. This is borderline the exact same team I talked about a few months back but with a bigger point cost. If you read that article, you know how much I like the interactions between these pieces.

I almost ended up with the Black Lantern Aquaman because I thought it would be hilarious for Mermaids to blow up, KO an opposing character, and generate sharks from their husk, as well as water terrain, but I opted for the stronger dial of the OP Kit version. I still really want to try Lori with a whole bunch of Mermaids, and this team was the closest I came to playing over what I ended up with.

Magneto and Rogue

Related image

Yep, this is real. Although I don’t know the full extent of their relationship as I’m not a huge X-Men fan, I do know that they were involved for some time. I thought this would be more fun than her and Gambit because I really freaking like Magneto.

Chase Magneto is one of my favorite pieces, so I naturally drifted to him. His attack value is a little low, so possession is really good on him, and I went with Brianiac both for the Pen/Psy and the World Running Like Clockwork special damage ability to hopefully take more advantage of that incredibly stupid scrap trait. I also went with Rogue from the same set because she’s incredibly powerful and I haven’t used her enough. The STOP click she has is brutal and I can imagine the two of them would be a disaster to face against.

Rather than swapping keywords for one of the couple, I’ve used Magneto’s trait to bring the best TK’er ever printed into the X-Men (Jean only has the All-New X-Men keyword, rather than X-Men. Blarg). This gives the team insane mobility. Nightcrawler is another of my favorite characers, and this common is just too good for his points. He’s both an incredible tie-up piece, close range harasser, and late-game healer via the X-Men team ability. Lastly, I went with common Storm for more Perplex and the ability to use Smoke Cloud for free every turn. She’s also a great taxi service for Jean.

With my leftover points, I went with the X-Men: Blue ATA to potentially get a +2 to all my attack values every turn via Magneto and Rogue’s Leadership powers. Who’s running this ship, anyway?!

Wiccan and Hulkling

Image result for wiccan and hulkling

I dig Wiccan and Hulkling; it was one of the first phases of Marvel showing that they were changing gears and not afraid to accept LGBT lifestyle and incorporate them into their books. I’m sure there was probably a couple before these two, but they were the first I read about. I’m not a huge Young Averngers fan, but I really wanted to include them.

Unfortunately, most of the Young Avengers have fairly poor keywords, so the only real theme team you can build with them is in fact the Young Avengers. That leaves us with very few choices, but it gives you a chance to play the entire team form Civil War, along with Kate Bishop from Avengers Assemble. Wiccan is crazy-good, and provides every support power you need, along with being able to carry 5 of his teammates, meaning everyone but Stature.

Hulkling is a little meh for his points with a low 10-attack, but his got a decent dial length and good reducers. Stature is pretty amazing for her points, so she can tag-team with Hulkling, and she can push herself to get a +1 to attack and go colossal. Her dial is super-deep, so she’ll be your tank. Vision is okay, but he’s got a decent amount of adaptability, so that’s good. Patriot is… well… not very good. He’s really only here for removing tokens from any of his teammates, but his lack of reducer on top click makes him a risky investment. Push him to click 2 to pickup Sidestep, Toughness, and Close Combat Expert.

Kate rounds up the pack with a decent Running Shot and double Incap which is nice, and she’s got Enhancement and Shape Change if she’s next to someone, so she goes very nicely with Vision.

April O’ Neil and Casey Jones

Image result for april o'neil and casey jones

This is the team I ended up playing. With the release of TMNT 3 and the kick-ass space Turtles, I really wanted to play a TMNT Ally team, so I opted for April and Casey. Although I know the history of the Turtles probably less than anyone else on this list, they seemed to be the most fun.

  • TMNT2 025 Donatello Possessed by Eclipso | 100 Points + 25 Points
  • TMNT3 028 Leonardo Possessed by Ophidian | 75 Points + 25 Points
  • TMNT3 025 Raphael | 75 Points
  • TMNT3 Michelangelo | 75 Points
  • TMNT2 029 Renet Tilley | 55 Points
  • TMNT 012 Casey Jones | 30 Points
  • TMNT2 FF 005 April
  • NFAoS A001 Torso (Hulkbuster) | 10 Points
  • 2 Ultra Light Objects
  • Build Total: 495 Points

I don’t own Space Donny yet, so I opted for the IDW version, which is fine because he has super-secret tech. He’s got a special attack power called Ride the Bow that says whenever he hits someone, after actions resolve he can place them within his range and line of fire. That means if you throw an Ultra Light Object, which can be thrown 8 squares, you get a pseudo-TK that brings anyone into your kill box. With Eclipso attacked, he could pick up +1 to attack and Precision Strike to guarantee a hit, and he could Perplex up his own attack with his special damage power. He was also the healer for my team in case April got captured.

Space Leo is a joke and I talked about him in my review last week, so I had to use him. With his already high 11 attack, and the possibility for 12 via his trait, I knew Pulse Wave was the way to go, so I opted for Ophidian. Raph was the only one without a reducer, so he was the pick for the Hulkbuster Torso to get Invulnerability. Mikey was my movement piece via his insanely good free Smoke Cloud that gives Sidestep, and dedicated Prob brother. He also has 11 movement with Running Shot, so he did manage to take some actions and dish some damage.

Renet does what Renet does; taxi the team around and makes life really hard for your opponent as you want to pick a map with lots of elevation changes (I went with Danny the Street). She effectively makes your team impossible to catch if your opponent doesn’t ignore elevated or blocking terrain for movement. The Fast Forces April was chosen for free heals and the ability to pump my Space Turtles attack up by another +1 if she was KO’d, and she served really well against a Flash/Jessie Quick team thanks to her Plasticity. Lastly, the first Casey was chosen for his attack buff to Raph, which came in very useful during my second game.

Overall, this team was absolutely bonkers with the amount of mobility and number boosting it had. I think I gave up a total of 55 points through 3 games, losing April and Casey once in game 3, and rolling perfect in games 1 and 2. It’s a nasty team, but more importantly, it was super fun to play! I highly recommend playing the space bros if you get the chance!

That wraps up another Holiday Fun article here at Clix Fix! Did you enjoy these builds? Have a similar event at your LGS that you played in? I’d love to see your team!

Join me Thursday as I take a peek at team building with the meta-monster Shredder Clone. See ya then!


2 thoughts on “Love Is In The Air: Building FUN Valentine’s Theme Teams

Add yours

  1. Hi AJ Im trying to make a competitive team of tmnt with the turtles, I told my friends the combo with donny ride the bow and the UL Object, but they said as the effect applied when the action resolves he can only seudoTK the opossing character to his printed range value, what do you think? How I can explain to them or show them that its correct what you said in the article?


    1. If you look at how his power is worded, it doesn’t say anything about only applying his printed range value:

      “RIDE THE BO: When Donatello hits an opposing character, after actions resolve you may place that character within Donatello’s range and line of fire.”

      The trigger on this ability is when Donatello hits with a ranged attack. There’s nothing in that trigger that specifically says “within his printed range”, just when he hits with a ranged attack. The resolution of the trigger says that he can place them within his range and line of fire, again, not specifying where he hit them from.

      Basically, let your friends know that unless something specifically states stipulations on how something works, you’re often putting too much thought or logic into it and creating rules that don’t exist.


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