Trick or Treat! Building -FUN- Halloween Teams

Surprise; A third article this week! I figured it would be fun to do a bonus piece this week to commemorate Halloween, as it’s one of the more fun Holiday events you can have. No competitive here, just down-right fun!

Heroclix is a game that translates really well with Holidays, and seeing as Halloween is the first big Holiday since I’ve started Clix Fix, I thought it would be fun to kick around some modern Halloween teams. These teams will be anything from Monsters to Monster Hunters to flat-out Creeps. Since this is a bonus article for the week, I hope you don’t mind that competitive is taking a back seat for pure fun.

For the rules of the builds, I’m going to use my LGS Halloween event rules to keep all the builds under one roof. Here’s the rules for our event:

Build Total: 400 Points
Age: Oreo (New style of bases)
Requirements: Generic Theme Team
Relics: Yes
Resources: No
Vehicles: No
Colossals: Yes
Team Bases: No
Possession: Yes
Feats: No
Battle Field Conditions: No

As you can see it’s pretty restrictive, which a fun event like this should be. I should note that you aren’t required to build a certain generic theme team, so you could theoretically build something dumb like Soldier or Martial Artist and kick some ass, but I think themes to match the event are the ticket to really set the mood. First up, Monster!

Monster Halloween Build

  • TMNT Monsterex 022 (Possessed by Black Hand 060) 150 Points
  • MP16-002 Man-Spider (Possessed by Parallax 065) | 125 Points
  • DP Evil Deadpool 019b (Possessed by Eclipso 055) | 125 Points
  • Build Total: 400 Points on the nose.

I knew as soon as I started to think about Halloween, no other piece comes close to that idea than Monsterex. This guy is 4 of the original Universal Monsters all rolled into one package, and boy does he look the part. I’ve been meaning to do something with his incredible ability to swap different monster forms, and possession is absolutely the way to go. Able to pick up flight, Monsterex can be our taxi until he gets into the heat of battle and starts to rip the opposition to shreds with his crazy combat capabilities. Flurry with Steal Energy is a great combo, and Black Hand gives him so many options to heal it’s just sick. Is there a better possessor? Probably, but I don’t own many of the WoL possessors, and this is really funny.

Man-Spider is awesome, and fits the roll of big creepy spider that matches the Halloween spirit so well. Who doesn’t decorate with webbing? Well this dude brings webs to the party. Probably my absolute favorite close combat piece in the game, this guy is going to really cause some trouble. Parallax is there to grant Quintessence, Stealth to help his approach, and boost his own attack while dropping theirs so he can easily hit with his Flurry to grab that free Exploit Weakness. Plus, Parallax keeps really good damage reduction throughout the entire lifespan of Man-Spider.

I’ve built so many teams on here, and because they’re all modern, I’ve never been able to run Deadpool which really hurts. THAT CHANGES TODAY! Evil Deadpool fills our zombie roll as the regrown parts leftover from various dismemberment’s and fresh out of the fridge healed together to make this jerk. Evil Deadpool is a piece that just doesn’t die, and has some really solid numbers. Eclipso is the perfect possessor for him as we get Prob on the lower clicks which will help with his bonkers Regen power, ensuring you heal up to full, or get those sick +1’s to combat values. The word balloons just add icing on our gruesome cake, with pieces like “Hammer Time”, “I Never Miss With The Sheep Gun”, and “Quick, Shield Me With Your Bodies!”.

This is the actual team I played for my Halloween event. Next up, Monster Hunters!

Monster Hunter Halloween Build – Mystical Theme

  • WKM15-013 Ghost Rider (Possesseed by Parallax 065) + Midnight Sons ATA | 149 points
  • WKM15-012 Blade + Midnight Sons ATA | 94 Points
  • ASM Brother Voodoo 017b | 79 Points
  • CWSLOP Dr. Strange 112 | 70 Points
  • SFoSM Symbiote 3D Object 101 | 6 Points
  • Build Total: 398 Points

Playing off the Midnight Sons team, this generic Mystical team has four key players from the Marvel universe that regularly deal with the occult. Ghost Rider is obviously our big points and he does not disappoint. With Hypersonic on those first three clicks and the ability to deal a set amount of penetrating damage makes him a very valuable piece. The Midnight Sons ATA gives us Stealth, but if we use a possessor like Parallax who grants Stealth on click 1, your opponent can’t draw lines of fire to ol’ matchstick face. Plus, Parallax can give him +1 to attack while Perplexing down their defense, making it extremely easy for the rider to hit.

Blade was the reason the team came together. Who better represents Halloween hunting than the Daywalker? He also gets the Midnight Sons ATA, making him a real pest to deal with. His dial is really nice and I love that he shuts down Steal Energy against him, which vampires and monsters seem to possess a lot. His built-in healing is great too. Dr. Strange is another member of the team, but doesn’t have the keyword. I went with this Strange because of his overwhelming support for your team. Keep him on Outwit on top, or swap him to Astral and buff all your guys. A great piece for team like this, and the mold really is a home run for a monster hunting party.

Last, we’re using Brother Voodoo because why would we not? This guy is just nuts, and it makes me sad I don’t own him. With constant free mind controls, buffing attack values, Prob, and a high defense to boot, this guy is gonna end up being your MVP. I would for sure throw the Symbiote on him to get the most use from him.

Let’s dip into the Creeps out there that make Halloween eerie.

Creeps and Terrors Halloween Build – Scientist Theme

  • SMWW Doctor Psycho 039 | 100 Points
  • SFoSM Lizard 045 | 80 Points
  • M10 Green Goblin 004 | 75 Points
  • SoG Scarecrow 023 | 74 Points
  • FL Murmur 043 | 65 Points
  • SFoSM Symbiote 3D Object 101 | 6 Points
  • Build Total: 400 Points on the Nose

I’ll admit, this build was challenging, and probably the weakest of the bunch, but this is for fun, so who cares?! I knew that Scarecrow needed to be the main focus of one of these builds as he really has that Halloween vibe. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot to pick from, so I went with Streets of Gotham Scarecrow. His only generic keyword is Scientist, so that’s the route I went . Free Smoke Cloud is always good, and his amazing Incap power can be deadly, especially when he hands out next to Doctor Pyscho and borrows his 11 attack.

Speaking of Doctor Psycho, he fills the roll of our mad scientist. He’s a wonderful Mind Control piece, and his free Outwit after use is really grand. Perplex rounds out his kit, and I like that he and Scarecrow can Mastermind to each other. Lizard serves as our other mad scientist, but his experiment went all wrong, and should act as either a wonderful Mastermind target or extreme aggressor as he can constantly heal back up. If I had room for possession, it would go on this guy. I really like that Murmur can use his 11 attack as most of this team can wild card into Batman Enemy/Sinister Syndicate, which do the same things.

Green Goblin is another big Halloween piece as he’s wearing a ‘spooky’ costume and uses pumpkins for his attacks, and the M10 piece doesn’t disappoint. Sure, he’s squishy, but his aggression for the points is madness, so he was an auto-include. Murmur is our psychotic killer with a weird face, and he can be quite the little terror once he closes in on his targets. Plasticity will make him a real jerk to deal with, and if his victim has support powers, he’s going to make quick work of their voices in his head.

The symbiote is used again for added protection since most of these pieces die quickly. I’d probably put it on either Green Goblin or Murmur for added protection, or Lizard to make him virtually unkillable.

Well that about wraps it up for this bonus article.

…Oh, what’s that? There’s a keyword that really says Halloween that I didn’t use that’s really strong? I don’t think I missed anything… Hmm…. Oh. OHHHH. Okay, let’s do this.


Z-Virus (Monster) Halloween Build

  • GotG Super Skrull 062 | 170 Points
  • GotG Maneto 067 | 130 Points
  • DP Electro 064 | 90 Points
  • SFoSM Symbiote 3D Object 101 | 6 Points

Luckily, all the zombies have the monster keyword, or this wouldn’t work for this build type! Anyway, the zombies are pretty self-explanatory as to why they’re so unbelievably good, and if you’re going to go the route of playing zombies, you just don’t play without Super Skrull. He’s the end-all, be-all undead piece. If you don’t know who Super Skrull is or what he does, you’re missing out on probably the best piece ever printed in the game. The unbelievable power this guy brings to the table is incredible, and unless you want to flat-out win your games, you don’t play this guy because of how cheese he is. My first brick ever of Heroclix that I bought when I got back into the game last year was GotG, and on the 2nd to last pack, I was treated with Super Skrull. I’ve never lost with him. He’s bonkers.

Magneto is on the team because of dual TK. He’s the zombie equivalent of the FF Jean Gey, albeit at a much higher point cost. However, he’s very aggressive as well. I love his aggro TK that hurts opposing characters that he places, which gives them virus tokens and himself food, but he’s the only zombie (other than Super Skrull) that can TK his friends out. We don’t have many points after these two guys, but Electro wraps up the team nicely. A wicked ranged piece, Electro can utterly decimate low-cost figures with his triple-bolt, Pen/Psy Energy Explosion that doesn’t need line of fire. He’s your sniper on steroids; undead steroids. He’s a great piece to cleanup once Super Skrull gets in and eats his way through the enemy.

Yep, a third build with the Symbiote. I can’t help it; this thing is just so good for 6 measly points. You can grant Super Skrull a second chance at Shape Change, as well as Plasticity (he already ignores characters, so we don’t care about auto-breakaway) which will help you keep your potential self-harm down and more of a threat. Being able to get +1 to combat values is over the top and makes up for the minuscule short coming the zombies have which is their attack values. And if you have to drop it, Magneto and Electro will love being the next zombie symbiote host.

Okay, that really does wrap up this fun article. I hope you enjoyed the bonus content for Halloween. If you’re part of a fun event, comment below with what the build was and how you did! I’d love to hear other ideas for fun Halloween builds!

See ya next week!


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