Just Stay Down!: Building A Modern Supergirl Prime Team

Marvel has had their spot in the limelight for a while, so I wanted to challenge myself with making a DC team build this week. Yes, it’s a Super Rare Prime, but there’s a large reason why I’m picking Kara to build around. ALSO, we’re building our first true competitive build with her!

I’ve said multiple times that I’m a Marvel fan and that frankly, I pretty much dislike DC (except for Batman, Martian Manhunter, Deathstroke… okay I like a little DC!). However, that’s not really fair to continually just build Marvel teams. We may be getting the Marvel treatment for product, but in order to be a well-rounded player, I have to cover DC as well.

You could argue (and maybe you should) that it’s kind of unfair for me to pick an expensive Super Rare Prime as the focus of a team build that’s brutally expensive, but let’s deconstruct the DC Heroclix landscape extremely briefly. Aside from LE’s, there isn’t a whole lot of stuff going on in that universe in the game. Trinity War is going to rotate next summer, and the competitive stuff in that set like Batman and Superman have been done a good number of times. Superman/Wonder Woman (which should have just been a Superman set) and World’s Finest are overshadowed by their big contributors to competitive, mainly Colossal Retaliators and Kingdom Come pieces. So I took some time to browse through the sets and I realized that I have Supergirl Prime, a 5-star piece, that I’ve never truly used and I’ve never seen her used. She has so much hype (and rightfully so), yet I never see her. That lead me to say “okay, it’s time to build something around her and make her shine and worth those duckets”. You may have seen some terror from her, but she’s a ghost in my area.

As usual with Team Builds where I highlight a certain piece, let’s breakdown what Supergirl Prime does. Kara clocks in at 160 points and has a super-deep 9 click dial. She has Flight and Indom, and a measly 5 range with a single bolt, but that’s okay because like her cousin, Kara is more of a close combat brute, and she doesn’t disappoint. Like many Primes, Supergirl doesn’t have too many ‘special’ powers or traits; she’s mostly a long dial with great numbers and powers, but her specials are quite good. Rather than cover the entire dial line by line, take a moment and look over her dial if you haven’t already.

Yeah, she’s really good, right? I love that she gets so extremely strong the further her dial clicks, peaking on her third click. This means that Kara can take some damage and still be a threat, which I like in a bruiser. It’s a little counter productive for players like myself that inherently feel that pieces are weaker when they aren’t on top-click, but in order to maximize her, you have to look passed that.

So what do we need to make Kara good? As always, TK is a great option, and at 160 points, we’re eating most of our build. I think someone like Overdrive might be cool because if he car is wrecked, he provides a heavy object for her to use once you’re tapped out on ultra heavies, but I think he’s a little slow for a charge piece like her. TK will better serve us here. Outwit is going to be rough for Kara, so we’ll need to do something about that. Lastly, I think a good medic is in order to keep her alive because those bottom clicks are pretty fragile, and nothing is worse than losing your tentpole.

Let’s jump into the builds, shall we? First up, our typical 300 points, figures only.

300 Point Modern Supergirl Prime Build, Figures and ATA’s Only

  • SMWW Supergirl Prime 053
  • WF Mr. Nobody 043
  • WF Mercury 043
  • WF Doc Magnus 044
  • WF FF Nightwing 004r
  • NFAoS Left Arm (Hulkbuster)

Well, this team is quite the DC composition, isn’t it? After some extensive searching for good support pieces for Supergirl, I decided that Mercury and Doc Magnus fill the rolls of mobility and support very well. You get so much value out of this duo for only 50 points including TK, Support (which the result is increased by 1 when he’s near Mercury), and they’re pretty mobile to stay out of harms way.

Nightwing is a fantastic 25 point piece because he’s incredibly mobile and has the Outsiders team ability, so before Supergirl comes in for the attack, you can effectively neutralize Combat Reflexes, Perplexes, or whatever other powers are going to be a hassle for you. The Left Arm of the Hulkbuster gives Kara Exploit Weakness so the team really doesn’t need to pickup an Outwitter (although you could drop Nightwing to get one if you want). Unless the target has Invincible, you’re going to make mince-meat of their team members.

The last piece I wanted to save; Mr. Nobody. Yep, I’m using 55 points on a tentpole team for a weirdo like Mr. Nobody. With a Super Strength primary attacker, this guy’s trait is hilarious as he lets you place your opponents objects at the start of the game. Now you can either block off doorways, forcing them to go a certain route, or you can place all those Ultra Heavies in an areas that you’ll be able to get to first. Plus, once he’s on click 2, he picks up Prob and Stealth, as well as his special attack power that lets him swap powers on someone’s dial. Do they have a Charge piece with Invincible? Nope, now they have Sidestep and Energy Shield/Deflection. This guy is tough to pull off, but his trait and prob alone will warrant his cost as he essentially brings a game-long, uncounterable +1 to damage to Kara.

For our second build, I’m going to take some of the feedback I got from last week’s poll. We’re going to build a 300 point modern competitive team, which means everything that’s legal for ROC tournaments is legal to use, from Resources to ID cards.

300 Point Modern Competitive Supergirl Prime Build

  • SMWW Supergirl Prime 053b (Possessed by SMWW Eclipso 055)
  • UXMFF Jean Grey 002
  • AOU Ultron-6 Drone 042BD
  • TW Pandora’s Box Resource – Sloth and Wrath Sins
  • Nightwing ID Card – WKD15-008 Nightwing
  • Batman ID Card –  TW Batman 051r
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Level 7 ID Card – NFAoS Nick Fury 056

For the competitive build, I really wanted to use the rest of the points to bolster Kara and devote everything to make her better at what she does. Eclipso is a big deal because he gives us back-up defense, so pieces like Fury or Outwit can’t just nuke our defense down and make us vulnerable. He picks up prob and at the end of the dial, and he gets that special attack power that gives Kara Blades and Steal Energy, while healing two clicks if she rolls high enough. Jean is just the best TK’er in the game right now, with Mercury coming in as a close second. You could swap her out for Mercury and pick up a Colossal Retaliator with the extra 25 points (and maybe a couple ID cards), but I like the idea or either rubber banding Kara out to hit and then back to safety, or TK’ing our Ultron drone.

Having one attacker is foolish in competitive, and the Ultron drones are about the best secondary attacker points can get you. I went with the Ultron-6 drone because of his ranged potential on click 2, which Kara lacks, and picking up Pen/Psy blast, so he can deal with enemy Ultron drones if need be without burning our objects. For the resource, it was a close match between Pandora’s Box and the Round Table, but I went with the box. Sloth is a wonderful sin, and since Supergirl is a big beat-stick, when she’s tokened up we don’t have to worry about losing out on actions for the free healing. Plus the additional defense is really strong. Wrath is there for annoying Shape Change teams, but don’t worry too much about throwing it onto Jean or the Drone. Picking up Perplex or Charge from the Box is really great, especially when Supergirl hits those Flurry clicks and loses her engage.

For ID cards, I went with some staples. Nightwing is a great attacker with Charge and Flurry and, most importantly, he brings that Tony Zucco pog granting a permanent Support and Perplex. Batman is a fantastic call-in because the Trinity War bats has so much at his disposal. If you need a Pulse Wave, he can do it. Prob? Bruce has your back. Energy Explosion? Yep, he’ll do that too. Sure, his lower dial is more close combat oriented, but he gives you options. Fury is the obvious choice for the Level 7. If you’re going to have ID cards, this is the first one you use. There’s just too much utility here to not use him.

With the Sloth relic, Tony Zucco, and the late-dial Steal Energy thanks to Eclipso, I think we have a great build to keep Supergirl alive and kicking, dealing truck-loads of damage. I hope this first ‘competitive’ build isn’t too much of a let down. I’m missing some key components in order to test the build, but I think it would work out well. I might try it with a Round Table rather than the Box since I have that and a decent supply of ID cards (missing Nightwing and the LE).

I hope you enjoyed this DC-centric Team Build, as well as my first true competitive team. If you get a chance to try that build out, please let me know! Have any other ideas on how to make Supergirl powerful? Leave a comment below! This is a piece that I’d really like to abuse, but just haven’t been able to quite yet.

See you Thursday with another Clix Fix article! As always, please share as it helps support the blog!


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