STOP, Hammer Time!: Build a Modern Stop-Click Team

Stemming from Tuesday’s article of Civil War prizes, I thought it would be fun to utilize two of the LE’s we’ve had for some time now. Let’s do something with those Captain America and Iron Man LE’s with three stop clicks!

As I mentioned in my Civil War Set Review, the Captain America and Iron Man LE’s are really incredible, and can be a total pain to deal with when you face them. Every review I’ve seen of these guys highlights their obvious strength of great numbers (sans movement), powers, Indom, and their whopping three stop clicks for just 80 points. However, I don’t see anyone using them. I want to change that. I want to use these guys, and I want to make them an absolute nightmare to play against.

Stop clicks are REALLY hard to deal with because with the new wording, they always include “can’t be ignored”. Let’s take a look at what Wizkids has to say regarding the new text of STOP:

When this click is revealed due to damage taken from an opposing character’s attack, stop turning the dial. This power can’t be countered or ignored.

It’s pretty straight forward as we’ve seen stop clicks in the past, but they’ve ranged from just simply stopping the dial from turning, to not being able to be countered, to the full shebang of can’t be countered or ignored. Now, these clicks just stop turning the dial no matter what. That means that Pulse Wave is no longer the great equalizer with these guys. The only way to get rid of these powers are with pieces like Nick Fury that say you “can’t use” the power. Since these are so strong, let’s abuse it.

The biggest issue with Cap and Iron Man is their horrid movements and the fact that they really can’t engage by themselves, especially when something like a speedster is sitting across from them. They’ll easily get left in the dust, wanting to fight. To counteract that, we need a way to get them around. We could also use some standard number bolstering because their damage is a tad low for your main sources of damage, and they don’t possess penetrating damage powers.

We’re going to do the typical double build of 300 and 400 points. So let’s get to it!

300 Points Modern STOP click build, No Resources

  • CWSLOP Captain America 101 (Possessed by SMWW Eclipso 055)
  • CWSLOP Iron Man 102 (Possessed by SMWW Brainiac 0063)
  • SFoSM Overdrive 029
  • UXM Scrambler 015
  • WF Wonder Woman 063R (Isolated from this Broken World)

I feel like Cap and Iron Man are perfect candidates for Possession because of their low movement values and their lasting presence on the board. Eclipso is the only real melee-focused possessor these days (although we won’t get to that sweet B/C/F Steal Energy click) and he grants Prob on lower dial, so that’s pretty great. Brainiac is an obvious for Tony because he picks up Pen/Psy Blast and can get Pulse Wave later. Once you’re close, you can pick up +1 to damage to help your damage really hurt.

Overdrive is the perfect transport for these guys because he’s also pretty tough to kill, hiding in his vehicle all game, and the fact that vehicles can carry fliers, and don’t take a -2 to their movement to do so. Cap will also really dig the Empower. Basically, with three stop clicks each, you can afford to take the time and position how you need to with no real threat of getting nuked. What better companion to have with Overdrive than someone like Scrambler that can simply Ouwtit someone’s entire dial? Truck your team over close to the enemy team and within Charge/Running Shot of the two Avengers, and on the next turn, sidestep up with Scrambler and turn off an entire dial for Steve and Tony to melt.

Of course, the great thing about having a team-wide transport is that you can pull your two brutal stop clickers out of the thick of battle and back to Wonder Woman, who sits with a huge 12 attack with support. Two turns of her healing your guys will make it to where you never go down. Sure, they might pick up Scrambler and run for Wonder Woman for points, but the benefit here is just colossal.

Did I Play it? Yep! I played against an OP Kit Firestorm possessed by Eclipso, Overdrive, Radioactive Man, and The Chief. Cap and Tony are just stupid good. My opponent could never do anything because of the double indom and crazy movement. Once Cap got in his face, he could never get away, and every attempt he made, he forgot that Cap just ignores so much for movement.

I really dig the 300 point team. Let’s dive into 400.

400 Points Modern STOP click build, No Resources

  • WF Mary marvel 041
  • CWSLOP Captain America 101 (Possessed by SMWW Eclipso 055
  • CWSLOP Iron Man 102 (Possessed by SMWW Brainiac 0063)
  • SMWW Batman/Superman Robot 055P
  • SFoSM Betty Brant 007

We’re sticking with the foundation of Steve and Tony with their possessors, but everything else changes. I was going to go with Devil Dinosaur since he also has three stop clicks, but I feel like the team would be trying to do too much with the tokens and positioning Cap and Iron Man to really make them dish damage. Instead, we picked up a notorious stop-click piece in Mary Marvel.

Mary is exceptional. In fact, I honestly feel like she should have either been a Super Rare, or she should cost more. The value you get with her for only 150 points is staggering. By adding her on the team, we pick up a lot more aggression with a Hypersonic, Super Strength, Prob piece. She fills so many rolls for our team that it was hard to argue against her. Her stop click allows her to use Regeneration, but she doesn’t subtract 2 when she does so. That means with a roll of 6, she’ll go all the way back up to full strength, effectively giving you a second Mary Marvel in the mid-to-late game. The only down-side is that she can only use that power once.

I feel like a Colossal Retalliator is a great idea because our pieces don’t really mind if they get hit, and the Bat/Supes robot is great. Since he’s a Flyer AND Colossal, he can carry two people, mainly Cap and Iron Man since Mary has the movement to get to where she needs to. He also comes with Empower to help Cap hit harder, and has Impervious, which let’s us gamble a little more with his positioning. With the Batman team ability, that will also keep him safe. His retaliation power is kind of meh, and I ‘d rather have The Atom, but carrying two people is really great and serves the Overdrive purpose.

With our last 15 points, I went with Betty Brant again. She’s just so insanely valuable for the point cost, adding Perplex on second turn, and with her second push damage, she has a great support click, which means late in the game, we don’t lose out on healing. There’s just too much value here to pass her up.

If you really want pure stop click agony for your opponents, go with Devil Dinosaur rather than Mary marvel, but drop the possessors for our two main pieces. That will help you with a bigger support line, which you’ll need.

Did I Play it? Not yet. I need to pick up Mary Marvel and hopefully, somehow, get the Batman/Superman Robot. I’m not sure if losing Overdrive is worth it, but the added bonus of Mary will give you plenty of time to maneuver Steve & Tony.

I think these builds are really fun and could generate some frustrations from your opponent as they constantly deal with the fact that none of their damage is really going to stick, and the idea slowly sinks in that killing your team is going to be an awful lot of work. A full Round Table/Teleporter could be great on these teams, adding ID cards with Inspiration that grants movement, so you can Running Shot and Charge more effectively.

Do you have a team you’ve built with these guys? What are your thoughts? Next week, we’ll do something aside from another Team Build as I’m trying to run with 1 build and 1 other article a week, but I thought it would be nice to run a bunch of team articles that revolved around the end of Civil War to cap off the summer event. If you have a minute, please head over to the poll I created and vote on how you’d like to see Team Builds moving forward. Until next week!


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