Meta Talk: Discussing A Unique Winning Team

Rather than a team build or a review, today I’m going to talk about one of the most recent winning teams, mainly Kevin Afrooz ROC US Cup team that took the win in Las Vegas on August 20th, 2016. Let’s take a look!

For those of you that aren’t following the Meta in Heroclix, there’s a few pretty big builds/themes that seem to be the norm, and those would be the Quinjet and Krang. Those are pretty much the standard, replacing the Nick Fury soldier teams that seem to have disappeared once Guardians of the Galaxy rotated out and Jason of Sparta left Nick to figure out how to get around on his own.

The Quinjet is extremely powerful, as it takes the ID cards that are so prevalent in the game right now and turns them up to 11. With an incredibly thick dial for 140 points and being able to reduce penetrating damage, the Quinjet is a force to be reckoned with and it’s standings and wins are evidence of that. Krang on the other hand, has a cookie-cutter build that’s pretty easy to get a hold of and provides an overwhelming amount of aggression early on with high stats, bringing back the memory of Nimrod teams. However, Kevin’s team that he won with recently managed to beat two Quinjet teams, and a double Nick Fury War Wheel team to take the win, and with a team that was completely new and exciting. How did he do this? Let’s take a look at his winning team:

Kevin Afrooz ROC US Cup Winning Team – 300 Points Modern

  • SMWW Mr. Mxyzptlk 060
  • UXM FF Jean Grey 002
  • SFoSM Frog-man 048
  • AoU Ultron-6 Drone 042bd
  • AoU Ultron (Age of Ultron) Drone 056bd
  • TW FF Atomica 007
  • SMWW The Atom G001P
  • SMWW The Atom G001P
  • Avengers Roundtable Resource
    • Ronin – AVAS Ronin 052
    • S.H.I.E.L.D. Level 7 – NFAoS Nick Fury 056
    • Black Canary – D-021 Black Canary
    • Iron Man – FFOA Iron Man 003r
    • U.S. Agent – NFAoS U.S. Agent 037

That’s a very diverse team for a 300 point game. The main thing that you may be scratching your head about (as I did when I first looked at this build) is “where is his attacker? Who is he dealing damage with? We certainly can’t break down exactly how Kevin played this team, but we can take a very good guess. Mind you, people that were at the tournament, or part of team Majestix probably know the exact moves he made, but let’s take a crack at it.

The main tactic behind Kevin’s team is to take advantage of Mr. Mxyzptlk’s attack power that he has on his even click numbers (in case you didn’t notice, he only has two unique clicks and he shifts between them through his dial). That power reads:

ZEROING THE PLAYING FIELD: Mr. Mxyzptlk can use Pulse Wave, but deals no damage when doing so. Instead, give each hit character up to 2 action tokens.

This power has always been desirable and before the Deadpool set rotated out in June, people were using Blind Al to deal him one damage and push him outside of the starting area. Frogman is a stand in here as he can free action knock himself back, and if he’s stopped by another figure, that figure is knocked back 2 squares. So what Kevin is doing is positioning his team in a way that Mxyzptlk can be knocked into a wall on turn 1 (it’s worth noting that in order to do this, he has to either carry or move Mxyzptlk, or he’ll be susceptible to first round immunity), which activates that special attack power. Once he’s there, he can TK Mxyzptlk out to let him Running Shot/Pulse Wave into their entire team, giving everyone 2 action tokens. It won’t deal any pushing damage, but it effectively locks their entire team down. And since this little guy has Quintessence, he ignores pushing damage, meaning that every 2 out of 3 turns, he can keep locking down the entire team. All he needs is that first hit, and both his die substitution and the FF Atomica will give him all the insurance he needs.

Meanwhile, while he keeps the opposition locked down, he can move his Atom’s around, carrying the Ultron drones (which have Sidestep as well), setting himself up for extreme ID card aggression. Let’s take a look at his ID character choices as that’s where his damage and winning potential really comes from. We aren’t going to do quite the in-depth review of these guys, just look at why he picked them and what they bring on top click.


AVAS Ronin 052 – Ronin’s top click is pretty solid for some nice offense. He sports 8 movement with a special power that grants Charge, Flurry, and Stealth. He has 11 attack with Blades, 18 defense with a special power that grants Toughness and Willpower, and 3 damage with Exploit Weakness. Between 6 and 12 damage, or simply hitting for 3 penetrating is really great, and enough to KO anything but a Quinjet.


NFAoS Nick Fury 056 – This is the first time I’m bringing Fury up on the site, so I’ll go into his top click. Undoubtedly the best ID character in the game, Fury has 9 range with a single bolt. He has 9 Stealth, 11 attack with no power, 18 defense with Toughness, and 3 damage with a special power, which makes the character what he is; Watcher’s Eyes to See Secrets. This let’s Fury use Probability Control, and he can turn off any power on any character he can see within range. Not counter, but turn off, meaning Fury can get around Power Cosmic/Quintessence, un-counterable abilites, un-ignorable abilities, and so on. He also can see through everything but walls, and if he attacks the highest-point character on the opposing force, he gets a +1 to attack and damage, and the damage is penetrating. He is absolutely unreal and a part of an insane number of winning/qualifying teams.


D-021 Black Canary – Canary comes equipped with 8 Running Shot on movement, 10 attack with Pulse Wave, 17 defense with Super Senses, and 3 damage with a special power that grants her Force Blast and when she uses it, she has a chance to deal 1 or 2 penetrating damage. Before Guardians of the Galaxy rotated out in July, Nova was the ID card choice for cheap Pulse Wave. Black Canary simply fills that roll. When you absolutely need to deal damage to someone and bypass anything they have, she’s who you call.


FFOA Iron Man 003r – Originally recorded by Majestix as ‘FF NFAoS’ Iron Man, I took the opportunity to correct this as that Fast Forces set was based on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show. Assuming I have this right, let’s look at his dial. Old-school Tony comes with 8 range single bolt and Flight, which is always a plus. He has 9 movement with a special power that gives him Charge and Running Shot. He has a 10 attack with Pen/Psy, 17 defense with Invulnerable, and 3 damage with Perplex. Not an over-the-top damage dealer, but with the Perplex, he’s versatile, and it does give him guaranteed penetrating damage.


NFAoS U.S. Agent 037 – John Walker is a little low on the totem pole here. He has 4 range with a single bolt for shield action. He comes with 9 movement with Charge, 10 attack with Super Strength, 17 defense with a special power that grants Combat Reflexes, Invulnerability, and the ability to block a portion of a square for line of fire purposes, and a naked 3 damage value. The main reason to use U.S. Agent is for the Invade Your Territory trait which let’s him destroy barrier and smoke cloud when he moves, and his Inspiration stops opposing characters from using Barrier, Smoke Cloud, and Stealth. More of a tertiary attacker/set-up/tie-up piece.

Kevin has a nice array of characters to choose from and his threat analysis is pretty great. With the Roundtable’s ability to potentially bring back ID summoned characters for a second go-around, this gives him a ton of offense that isn’t on the board and can’t be shut down. Sure, his drones can be KO’d and that hurts him, but the great thing about his team is that A) Ultron drones have Invulnerability, so they take a bit of damage to actually put down, and B) two colossal Atoms means lots of retaliation, and as I mentioned last week he counters 3 defensive powers and deals penetrating damage, so it hurts.

It’s amazing that this team was able to topple two Quinjet teams when they’re so incredibly powerful and have an even greater threat analysis system than this team does, so I commend Kevin heavily for not only coming up with a really unique team, but winning with it! That just goes to show that with a little ingenuity, anyone can take down the big teams out there. There’s so much to choose from in the game and so little of what we have available is seen in events.

If you have any other information about this build, or know that Kevin was doing something different than I’m guesstimating on, please let me know so I can correct that information. As usual, if you like what you see and want more, share with your friends and fellow gamers. I hope this helped some people out there!


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