Justice… Like Lightning! Building a Modern Thunderbolts team.

Welcome to the very first article on Clix Fix! I couldn’t be more excited to talk about the game that’s become a huge passion of mine. Without further adieu, let’s kick this off, shall we?

The recent Civil War Storyline Organized Play event (or CWSLOP) gave us a look at some wonderful new characters with one of my favorite Keywords ever; Thunderbolts! Not only did we get some great new pieces, we got a dynamite new trait to go along with this:

JUSTICE, LIKE LIGHTNING: After an action resolves in which (Character Name) damaged one or more opposing characters with an attack, roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled. 5-6 Remove an action token from a friendly character with the Thunderbolts keyword within 4 squares.

That’s incredible. The potential for already (mostly) heavy combat pieces to pull tokens from each other, or themselves as a character is always friendly to itself, is devastating and can make your team an absolute nightmare to square off against.

Following up with these new T-bolts, we got quite another large helping of members in the new Superior Foes of Spider-Man set. We got another round of great choices; however, we got a fantastic piece that will bring members of the T-bolts together and just make them brutal. That’s right, I’m talking about Baron Zemo. This guy takes all your T-bolts (or Masters of Evil, but screw those guys!) and throws a little stim pack into ’em with a whopping +1 to attack and sidestep, all relegated to his trait, so it’ll never go away. He’s no slouch either. He’s sporting a 9 Charge, 12 Blades, brings Outwit to the party, and can take a token off of every lower-point T-bolt with his leadership. What a steal at 90 points. Oh, and he also brings the Masters of Evil team ability for Taskmaster, Mr. Tony Masters, to take.

For this build, I’m going to go for a Modern 300 point and 400 point, figures only, ATA’s okay as that’s a pretty basic start. Of course, special objects are always okay. From there, it’s up to you how you change things around.

300 Points Thunderbolts, Figures & ATA’s only, Modern

  • SFoSM Baron Zemo 090 + Thunderbolts ATA
  • SFoSM Speed Demon 040 + Thunderbolts ATA
  • CWSLOP Taskmaster 026 + Thunderbolts ATA
  • SFoSM Thug 005 + Thunderbolts ATA
  • SFoSM Special Symbiote 3D Object -OR- AVAS Pym Particles 100

With this build, Zemo is giving everyone an absurd level of power. Taskmaster gets the MoE team ability so that he can be given an action every single turn, and gets a much needed sidestep and +1 attack on all of his awesome dials, while Speed Demon goes to a whopping 12 attack and extends his range further thanks to that same Sidestep, plus he can give Taskmaster his attack value with the Sinister Syndicate Team Ability, as well as prob. Things get really crazy when you look at Speed Demon’s special defense power:

I GOT SUPER-SPEED BABY!: Speed Demon can use Combat Reflexes. If Speed Demon moved during your last turn, he can use Energy Shield/Deflection.

His defense power states that he simply has to move. Not from moving via Hypersonic. Not from a Move action. Just move. And Sidestep does exactly that. Okay, so what about that Thug… why him? Easy. Thug gets to be part of any theme team, and with the Thunderbolts ATA, you simply pick Mystics for the team and you have an 18 point Sidestepping, 10 attack, 2 damage, 4 click long guy that blocks doorways and shoots people back for touching him. Simply amazing. Lastly, the Symbiote can go on whoever needs more protection, or you can use the Pym Particles to make someone giant (carry) or tiny (can be carried).

It may be weird that I highlighted the JUSTICE, LIKE LIGHTNING! trait at the beginning of the article and didn’t use it in this build, but I honestly think the overwhelming offense, and the Indom on Speed Demon and the unrelenting Taskmaster, along with Zemo’s own Leadership, makes the power unnecessary. Now let’s get into the 400 point build:

400 Points Thunderbolts, Figures & ATA’s only, Modern

  • SFoSM Baron Zemo 090
  • CWSLOP Venom 032
  • CWSLOP Taskmaster 026
  • CWSLOP Songbird 070
  • CWSLOP Jack O’Lantern 020
  • SFoSM Special Symbiote 3D Object

This team ditches Speed Demon and all he brings to the table, along with the ATA, for superior numbers and a bit more board control. Venom is one of the most horrifying close combat pieces I’ve ever seen, and although he already has sidestep, he’s incredibly tough to put down. His lack of move and attack is a bummer, but we’ve brought Songbird to the table this time with her fantastic special attack granting TK, Force Blast, and Barrier. That barrier will probably come in handy if your opponent tries to alpha strike against Zemo and take out that global buff.

Lastly, we’re using Jack O’Lantern because of his wonderful 1st click power suite of Running Shot, Energy Explosion with 2 bolts, 11 attack, 3 damage, and able to see through hindering. Thanks to his boss, you get a 12 attack stealth buster for only 60 points, and with Sidestep and TK, his threat range is monstrous. Symbiote wins out over the Pym Particles as the team is a little squishy, and they’ll help someone like Tasky or Zemo live a bit longer.

If you really want to get nasty, have some fun with SMWW Brainiac 063 possessing Taskmaster for a non-stop Running Shot Pulse Waver. Really gross.

I hope you enjoyed this inaugural post on my new Heroclix blog! Join me next week (hopefully – birthday and vacation) as we discuss another team build, and perhaps the new JLA OP kit that’s dropping next month. Oh, and if you liked this post, please comment below and share with your friends! Thanks!


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