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The Mighty Thor Set News – 7/24/17

Our next big set is Thor, and although we don’t have much information on the dials, we know a fair amount of who is in the set and what’s to come. We’ll be seeing some new colossal figures in super boosters, some form of new hammers/items, and the return of Prime figures. Most importantly, we’ll see the rules shift with this set. Yours truly was able to grab some photos of the first few spoilers from San Diego Comic-Con, so head on over to the page on the Realms to keep track of spoilers.

You can see the new dials, and any new pieces from The Mighty Thor that are added here.

Heroclix Undead Set News – 7/24/17

We’re seeing our first generic set with Heroclix Undead! This set utilizes popular tropes like ghosts, demons, skeletons, and zombies, along with some other known characters from novels and stories, and looks to be an exciting new direction from WizKids! We’ve seen a few of the dials and I was able to snap some pictures during San Diego Comic-Con and the set is looking really neat.

You can see the new dials, and any new pieces from Heroclix Undead that are added here.

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