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5/18/17 – There’s been a MAJOR announcement concerning Clix Fix! Starting late this month/early June, I’ll be teaming up with Two Clicks From KO and writing the blog for the show. You can read all the details here.


Marvel What If… 15th Anniversary Mini-Set News – 6/08/17

What If… has been fully revealed and is available now! Take a look at all the pieces below!

You can see the new dials, and any new pieces from What If… that are added here.


Elseworlds 15th Anniversary Mini-Set News – 6/08/17

July will see the release of our other 15th anniversary set with DC Elseworlds. This is a lot like What If…, but hopefully we’ll get a stronger character pool. We’ve only seen two dials, so there isn’t much to see yet.

You can see the new dials, and any new pieces from Elseworlds that are added here.

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